Bilingual Hypercare Support Case Study

A Global, 10 Billion dollar Packaging Client turned to Aptude for superior Bilingual Hypercare Support

In 2020, a 10 Billion dollar, Global Packaging company and client of Aptude’s underwent a merger. As part of the changes, the entire company had to merge into a single Microsoft instance. Microsoft licensing and tenants had to seamlessly merge without loss of employee productivity or customer impact. To make the complicated project even more complex, the migration had to happen across several regions, including in North and South America. This meant competent service desk support in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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The Challenge

Migrate and Support Over 9,000 Users, dispersed across multiple countries within North American and Latin America. The users came from a diverse background speaking multiple languages and have different level of technical know-how to self-help.

To accomplish this task, Aptude’s client relied on the outsourced service desk team already on contract. Yet complaints from the first few hundred end users led them to seek a different solution that went above and beyond the traditional call center model. Their solution was a “hypercare” service desk model which abled dedicated, highly trained migration support using a mix of internal and external resources. These resources had to be highly technical, competent, bi-lingual and have can-do customer-service mind-set.

Because this was a complete migration from one license to another, each user had to follow specific steps online and on their machine in order to make the transition successfully. To educate users and prepare for the move, the organization:

  • Delivered training beforehand via webinars and live training sessions

  • Provided documentation to users in advance of the migration “wave”
  • Sent email reminders to users before and during each wave
  • Enabled “hypercare” support via outsourced teams and escalation via internal teams and ops staff
  • Created robust internal documentation via SharePoint and ServiceNow knowledge base articles

The innovative team proved the model worked in North America, so the new task became to replicate in South America under the same leadership team to migrate the remaining 4,500 to 5,000 users who spoke Spanish and Portuguese.

Working with Aptude to Deliver Bilingual IT Service Desk Support

The organization knew they didn’t have the internal technical staff or bilingual team to perform the bilingual support, and the existing team didn’t either. So they turned to Aptude to quickly provide the bilingual hypercare support within the short timeframe to keep the migration moving.

Because of a previous working relationship with Aptude, they knew of Aptude’s ability to ramp up quickly, provide superior technical service and offer a team with bilingual language capability. As the client said in regards to choosing Aptude, it was simply a “no-brainer.”

They worked with Aptude’s North American and Latin American team to source the dedicated, bilingual (English, Spanish and Portuguese), technically-savvy support team and set up the phone numbers. This was done within weeks. Once on board, Aptude’s team was trained before launch on how to use the knowledge base, access the tools, complete tickets in ServiceNow, and escalate issues to the internal team for advanced incident resolution and problem management.

The team also gave feedback to the organization, enabling ongoing knowledge management and sustained first call resolution, with each wave being completed in around 2 weeks from start to finish.

The Benefits

Despite the fast pace of staffing and the even faster pace of the waves of migration, the client was thrilled with Aptude’s support. The Aptude team followed the knowledge base articles, resolved issues quickly, and delivered a high quality of service to customers. Whenever there were issues or areas of optimization, the client appreciated open feedback with Guy DeRosa and Heliodoro Ramos and other members of the Aptude management team. Any issues were addressed and resolved quickly and to the client’s satisfaction.

Daily touch-points with Guy DeRosa, Heliodoro Ramos and and Luis Guzman at Aptude helped ensure the project’s success.

“Aptude was one of the best to work with, the best responding. They quickly got someone out to fill the roles and onboarded people really quickly and it went really well.”

Considering Spanish-Language Service Desk Support for Your Organization?

Our ITIL-aware, remote service desk technicians can start in as soon as a few weeks and can be available during any shift you need covered. Our pricing is flexible and affordable, and can scale up or down with demand and need.