Enterprise Mobile Application Case Study

A leading Inland Container and Steamship-Line organization with multiple facilities around the United States had an enterprise custom web-based application that tracked container and chassis information as it entered and exited the yard gate. Data captured was logged via paper and then at the end of the day was entered into the client’s web-based custom solution. Additional data integration occurred with their clients who were steamship companies. Information disseminated included repair estimates, daily storage charges and other related information regarding the containers and chassis.

The client’s existing legacy system incurred delays, while labor cost and errors were embedded in their manual processes. An example workflow would be that a repair would be noted on the check-in sheet, while another inspector would later go into the field and create an estimate on paper – this information was further entered into the website and pushed to the client, creating several layers of redundancy.

Additionally, delays occurred in disseminating information to their clients – container and chassis information which the client desired was typically delayed by a day due to the lag in entering the data into the website.

Aptude created a Hybrid mobile application for the inspector at the gate that captured both inbound and outbound gate traffic and pushed it to the internal applications as well as the client in real time. In addition, repair estimates (when needed) were generated at check-in with related videos and photos of the repair estimate. The repair estimate with related back-up information was pushed to the client for approval. The implementation of the Hybrid mobile application took a labor intensive process which often caused several days of delay, and reduced it to minutes – thereby increasing revenue, reducing opportunity for user error and labor cost.