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Property Management Mobile Application Case Study

A large property manager had offices for rent, with services for leasing equipment, scheduling conference room usage, billing, and overall facility management. Their manual processes were difficult to manage and required significant overhead to manage.

The client needed a custom solution for automating tenant billing services, a scheduling system for reserving conference rooms, and a means to check in/out equipment being leased. Furthermore, the solution required accessibility from a web browser as well as on smartphones for tenants to have access anywhere.

Aptude created a Hybrid mobile application and traditional website for ease of access on mobile phones and from personal computers. The application allows tenants to sign up, set up automated payments for rental fees and other services. The integrated calendar allows them to schedule meetings on a collaborative calendar without conflicts, with similar capabilities to lease equipment. This solution reduced the possibility for human error, allowed for asset tracking and theft prevention, while encouraging usage with accessibility from any device.

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