Optimize Performance and Profitability

Each year companies of all sizes from big to small, public to private, are faced with new IT challenges and tackling poor business performance associated with inadequate customer service, weak employee competence, and reduced office inefficiency.  The accumulation of day-to-day customer service problems, coupled with IT staff shortage and poor service desk management, has become major issues in IT operations and business functionality.

Customer Service Support

It is one of the most labor-intensive jobs for employees – from answering incoming customer calls, managing online buyer requests, and handling inquiries that push employees to quit their job. Employee performance and reduced turnover, employee productivity can be achieved through businesses implementing front-end automation and back-end automation services.

Increasing employee efficiency and office productivity by automating jobs and cutting out manual tasks, simplifying processes will dramatically optimize operational performance. Some workplace frustrations and tedious work obligations create a negative environment and unhappy employees.

Today’s Business Leaders

Are struggling to generate more revenue as they realize technology optimization, operational risk management, office efficiency, logistics/change management, and implementing automated customer service support tools. Businesses are failing to grow consistently due to not implementing the right digital technology, modern tools, and automation applications to increase performance and strengthen operational improvements dramatically.

Employees overworked – Customers ignored

  • Due to overburdened leadership – bosses are driving their staff too hard as employees are feeling undervalued and upset with so many manual tasks creating another level of stress.
  • As a result of overworked employees, customers are not receiving the support they need – due to lack of additional help and untrained staff, and limited resources.
  • For businesses already struggling with a lack of resources – IT workers are continually experiencing fewer opportunities for advancement, burnout, and unmanageable workloads.
  • CIOs and CEOs are utilizing IT consulting firm that offers staffing and expertise to manage business growth and help with implementing customer Service Automation tools.

Executives relooking at Core Business Issues

As IT and Business Operations seem to be in crisis mode and addressing process inconsistencies – managing employee daily operations, manuals tasks are overwhelming staff. Deviating from corporate goals, an overload of pressure to support customer service calls all remain real problems that are directly preventing profitability.

  • The majority of employees are unhappy, and job insecurity is an everyday worry, as CEOs and CIOs are re-thinking their corporate strategic objectives.
  • Cloud-based help desk and customer support software offers help to IT and Customer Service Departments to manage tickets, resolve customer issues, and streamlines communications.
  • Customer Support Software – can merge all phone calls, email, Facebook, and Twitter customer comments into a single online tool.

Customer Support Service Applications

Help bring efficiency into the customer service department by managing customer queries and nurture customer relationships. AI-powered engagement platforms build better communication and manage all support requests through a single portal.

Connects customers to business units with fast resolutions to problems, inquiries, and delivers personalized experiences in real-time with live chat, email, and text messaging.  Pricing options include – Free, Free Trial, Monthly Subscription, and Annual Subscription or for a One-Time License.

Some Features in Customer Service Software

  1. Virtual Assistant
  2. Workflow Management
  3. Live Chat
  4. Appointment Management
  5. Knowledge Base
  6. Email Management
  7. Social Media Integration
  8. Performance Metrics
  9. Self-Service Portal
  10. Surveys and Customer Feedback
  11. Call Center Management 

Nearshore IT Services

From ongoing staffing needs to a rich, 24/7 onsite/nearshore model, our Data Science premium support teams are tailored specifically to meet your needs. Hire an IT resource that’s relatively within the same time zone, cost-effective and easier to access than most offshore services.

Since we’re highly proficient Data Mining and Big Data specialists, our Nearshore team can extract the critical knowledge and insights you need from your structured and unstructured data.


Nearshore IT Services

From ongoing staffing needs to a rich, 24/7 onsite/nearshore model, our Data Science premium support teams are tailored specifically to meet your needs. Hire an IT resource that’s relatively within the same time zone, cost-effective and easier to access than most offshore services.

Since we’re highly proficient Data Mining and Big Data specialists, our Nearshore team can extract the critical knowledge and insights you need from your structured and unstructured data.


5 Best Customer Support and Call Center Management Software

  1. Aceyus – Automatic call center distribution and call recording software with IVR, mobile app, single sign-on access, and offers out of the box reporting.
  • A multi-channel data platform and real-time data tool for efficiently managing customer service calls with analytics, multiple data points, and services multiple online social channels.
  • Features – Optimized reporting, customizable dashboards, and highly integrated tools.
  • Packaged as on-premise or cloud-based with visualization elements, graphs, charts, and call center management tools with trend analysis, manages incoming requests, and from multiple sources.
  • Real-time agents and reporting integrates with Microsoft Excel and can set up daily, weekly or monthly reporting.
  • Live queue status tracking and is exceptionally accurate with daily performance with all data in one place.
  1. Cayzu – Cloud-based help desk management solution with ticket management, issue resolution, a self-service portal designed with email integration, agents for handling customer queries, incoming requests are assigned, and converts emails to service ticket requests.
  • Packaged with customer engagement, online CRM, complaint and creates realistic expectations, and categorized tickets, tag and classify requests, seamlessly intuitive and remote sessions with workflows, and straightforward pricing.
  • Integrations with Facebook and Twitter and affordable help desk solution package with 24/7 tech support and automation of distributed tickets.
  • Resolutions are presented to agents and new exportable fields with ticket grid and can interface with HubSpot CRM Push notifications can be added to Android App Ability and super convenient and customizable.
  • Company brand logo, colors, and URL links can be imported into a tool, and training is easy with exceptional support.
  1. HappyFox – Includes Issue tracking, Help desk, and CRM cloud-based customer solution for help desk, ticketing with pre-determined criteria. Every ticket has customized relevant responses, running log and is offered as a monthly subscription with email and phone.
  • Packaged with – Help Desk SSL Enabled tool, role-based permissions, easy to use, affordable, functionality, and customer support are rated high for practical support help and track tickets easily.
  • Logs conversations from emails, social media messages, voice calls, and are all converted into tickets. Metrics and helps to quantify the pain points, customer issues, and reporting and has automated customer surveys.
  • Provides solutions with ticketing, categories, and automation and creates a whole solution for novice users.
  • Organizes email, mailing list, and requests and help desk ticketing system for tracking activity, proper priority, and assigns what open and a portal to submit tickets, check progress, and accessible training and enterprise functionality. Integrates with Magento and easy to use, and support is quick and effective. 
  1. Zendesk – Web-based, Cloud, SaaS customer support software packaged with a call center module, complaint management, customer communications management, web visitor tracking, transfers and routing capabilities, chat, screen sharing, and has canned responses. 
  • Customizable branding, campaign management, inbound call center, and call scripting with escalation and interactive voice response (IVR) and call reporting with reporting and analytics.
  • Real-time chat, outbound call center, and call logging with mobile access and remote control management. Offers free trials, and pricing starts at $5.00 per month, per user, and can use on iPad, iPhone, and training is in person or live online with webinars and documentation.
  • IT asset and knowledge-base management, procurement and service call self portal and manage tickets with easy management of emails and voicemails and recorded calls are logged and customer-facing communications with employee notes and easy to process help desk requests. Customized options and user-friendly platform.
  1. Elevio – Web-based, Cloud, SaaS Customer Support Software with website visitor tracking, third-party integration, transfer, and routing with customizable branding, real-time chat, and canned responses.
  • In-app Knowledge Base management includes education and articles, widgets, blog, and track everything with performance metrics, a self-service portal, interaction tracking, network monitoring, and ticket management.
  • Alerts and escalation and document storage with content management, collaboration, full-text search and cataloging tickets, and communication categorization.
  • Easy to use for non-technical employees, integrate with Zendesk and Intercom. It is customizable and has ticket deflection technology and helps users find answers themselves before submitting tickets.
  • Visualizer tool, provides track analytics, articles incorporated into the software,

Challenges many businesses face

Weak internet infrastructure, upstream/downstream bandwidth issues are exacerbating the already bad situation. Office interruptions, poor customer, and tech support services continue to plague CIOs and CEOs as they urgently look to consulting firms to implement an acceptable internal service desk solution the IT staff can use with ease.

  • Automation tools in support services help to improve customer service, automates service calls, digitizes paper processes, and organizes customer data by transferring to an electronic system and automating workflows.
  • The benefits of automation – are reduced time spent processing operations, office efficiency, and streamline steps. Incredible success comes from a happy business environment, which influences happy employees, resulting in satisfied customers.

Five Key Business Factors for Long-Lasting Success

  1. Happy customers
  2. Building Trust and Communicating Quickly
  3. Customers feeling emotionally/personally connected to the company
  4. Exceptional customer service
  5. Consumers believing they are heard, valued and appreciated
  6. Happy employees
  • Employees using an automated data system for incoming customer communication – performance, productivity, and profitability are drastically improved.

Hiring outside outsourcing IT consultants or IT technical services

Through near-shoring, off-shoring, or on-shoring, it can help with partial or full high-quality IT support infrastructure and install communication systems for optimal network performance, customer support software tools, and applications for automating incoming calls online inquiries. IT Software Engineers and Technical Specialists can help improve office success with new digital AI applications.

The impact of excellent customer service support

Proves to consumers that they are valued – allows the CIO and Customer Support Director to understand the customer better. It’s a barometer to measure how customers feel if they are satisfied with their experience if their complaints handled quickly or if everything is going right. Employees are under extreme pressure to promptly answer and manage the numerous incoming calls – to respond on time and swiftly handle customer inquiries.

Having a service mentality with every customer interaction

Operational and project teams expected to be the best customer support individuals while performing their day-to-day required responsibilities – and be on top of their game while at work, including. Inbound and outbound customer service logistics management is the ability to respond quickly, communicate honestly, utilizing real-time data, and incorporating front-end automation applications.

Building multi-channel communication platforms and implementing a robust infrastructure for handling ticket-based help desk inquiries, email messaging, and incoming customer calls are essential for quickly managing the collection of customer requests.

Instituting an Operations Recovery Plan

Quickly removing frustrations through automation tools and instituting a customer service support application and tech support software with new digital, modern applications have become topics of conversation among IT leaders and Operational directors.  IT Analysts, Computer Network Architects, including Network Administrators and IT Coordinators – have daily pressures to respond to tech support calls and to come up with solutions to manage customer inquiries.

  • Bandwidth management tools for – Improving customer experience, retention, and satisfaction through consistent communication and by measuring and analyzing customer feedback can be done by modernizing data processes and balancing workload through automation.
  • Digital online tools – Cloud storage and data overload are additional stressors at work with the amount of incoming service support calls that create employee fatigue and exhaustion.
  • Removing Daily Obstacles – And the heavy burdens put on employees with limited bandwidth.
  • Adding automation tools to manage – email overload and look into outsourcing or nearshoring to fill in gap in staffing and the lack of resources
  • Project Management and Online Organizational applications – For managing status update meetings, tracking of programs, timelines and daily incoming customer requests.

It’s no wonder office performance is down dramatically, and poor customer service support is the number one complaint by workers.

Help Desk Software and Customer Support Services

In today’s busy world, companies are struggling to meet the needs and provide the right support for their customer. CIOs can implement help desk software to help manage customer inquiries. Customers are demanding help and want answers to their questions instantly. Help Desk Software can interface with numerous platforms such as social and web.

Help Desk Software Advantages and Key Enterprise Features

  • Incorporates an easy ticket management tool, and if the agent is not available online, the system and can create, manage, sort, and tag customer tickets online.
  • Interfaces with on social media platforms, web applications, and websites.
  • A tool that promptly offers answers to questions from customers online and digitally collects and banks all incoming knowledge-base items in a centralized database.
  • Newsletters can be accessed, and queries to products are quickly presented to customers online.
  • Customers can chat, and the application can save the chat history – that helps IT to categorize incoming customer queries.
  • Agents have access to all customer questions, inquiries and can query the content in minutes, by browsing through the database system.
  • The rise of incoming tickets managed in the ticketing management system and the tickets can then be sorted out and transferred to the correct subject matter expert.
  • A Service Level agreement is another useful tool within the software and helpful in resolving tickets and customer questions quickly.
  • Help Desk Software companies like Cayzu is super easy to use. Consultants provide personalized one-on-one onboarding and companies can quickly use software with fast to market help capabilities by the vendor.

The Takeaway

Staff Competency, Business Issues, and IT Consulting Services

By implementing an IT Activities Strategic Plan – Companies like Aptude offer professional services with access to specialists. Consultants and expert technologists to help solve IT problems. IT consulting firms have technical staffing and consultants for companies that need technical expertise. Large professional staff is available to these businesses and can help temporarily offer technical advice, IT improvements, advancement recommendations, and AI tools.

Outsourcing all IT services from multi-cloud security applications, assistance in network analytics, and provide end-to-end IT customer support tools with the right bandwidth for higher-level productivity.  Information technology consulting offers companies technology services, counseling, and advisory to achieve its corporate objectives or help with one-time projects.

Instituting a robust information technology governance framework provides the roadmap and architecture for effective leadership, IT internal policies, and processes, infrastructure, and assets. By managing the IT rules and aligning the technical strategy with the corporate strategy – executives make specific goals to meet IT performance objectives and optimized through measurement.  Proper functioning of critical resources helps to ensure risk mitigation tactics attained.

The realities of IT problems tied to critical business functions remain constant due to inadequate technical support services, poor network, insufficiency data overload, and not executing a data protection plan.

Prevention in new security threats, system overload, and obstacles in supporting customer service are real concerns facing information technology directors. Proven best practices documentation

  • Bandwidth management tools can help with slow computer and internet performance and help with the lack of customer-facing support services.
  • IT consulting service companies can help with viruses and malware, implement a robust ticket system, and put into operation offsite backup services and in-depth troubleshooting applications.

IT staff burdened with numerous tech support problems, and the frequency of incoming customer calls has caused CIOs to partner with experts in IT consulting services. IT Directors understand the end-user, technical operations, and tracking software technology to find the right infrastructure to support services and systems. As the director of technology – achieving IT business goals revolves around resolving issues quickly and solving management problems on technical projects with insufficient staffing, training, and having a customer-focused cloud-based platform automation system for help desk support.

IT failure is directly associated with not having a strategic IT business plan or no budget management tactic for future growth – causing the business to suffer from decreased production and downgraded customer service quality.

Organizations use a motto that “The customer is always right.”

Harry Gordon Selfridge coined a symbolic act initially to help drive profitability and success in business. It was created to teach employees exceptional customer service –  a simple catch phrase and corporate belief used by businesses that represent a company’s brand ideals and organizational values.

It brings together exceptional customer service and outstanding customer/company communication, which influences customer loyalty and customer satisfaction. Businesses can run operations smoothly if customers and employees are happy and feel valued.

Operational success, optimizing office performance, and delivering a positive customer experience through improved online customer communication – All of this can be achieved by organizations installing the best customer support software that is scalable, customizable, and cloud-based.

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