The Real-World Brain Debate: AI Intelligence vs. Human Intelligence

Human Intelligence

Up until now, human intelligence has been far more superior and smarter than anything else on the planet and that includes computers and the animal kingdom. Humans can be defined as emotional beings that have adapted to the changing world. We have evolved to have larger and more complex brains — that includes highly developed intelligence with the mental ability to use reasoning, problem-solving and real-world learning through observation, trial and error, imitation, life experiences, and innovation. Humans have an innate predetermined ability with encoded instincts that appear in early childhood to help us think and learn effectively.

Artificial Intelligence

However, artificial intelligence can do everything we can do and with a key component to solving the world’s biggest mysteries in life from understanding galaxies that are far away to a deeper knowledge of how particles come together through the quantum physics phenomena.

Until now, it has been nearly impossible to understand quantum physics — even with the most seasoned researchers and scientists; humans haven’t been able to breakthrough billions of particles. This is where AI shines at its best with highly intelligent genetic algorithms that will enhance our understanding of quantum behavior. AI is impacting jobs, creating new jobs and eliminating old jobs. Just like humans, AI brings creativity, ingenuity, and imagination to industries are struggling to compete.

Artificial Intelligence Used in Business Processing

  1. Deep video analysis
  2. Translation, transcript and tagging capabilities
  3. Complex voice-based virtual assistants
  4. Optimized video encoding and delivery
  5. Visual recognition, anomaly detection
  6. Content fingerprinting
  7. Video quality assessment
  8. Virtual reality and augmented reality
  9. Post-production and content-production proficiencies

5 Industries Empowered by AI


AI technology and big data will enable advanced analytics to determine and push improvements in predictive maintenance, power, business optimization, and operations. Initiatives are on the way that will help the global energy leaders like BP and GE Power build digital power plants.

AI will improve…

  • Resource production
  • Gas production
  • Safety
  • Operations
  • Oil production that will undoubtedly drive performance.

The energy industry is expected to boost the efficiency of renewable energy resources by automating operations in the wind and solar energy industries with energy systems capable of intelligence and flexibility.

Massive amounts of data are able to be compressed and analyzed quickly and applied to oil, gas extraction, renewable storage bringing stability that is seamlessly delivered to engineers from wind, solar and electricity operating these systems will be way more efficient with resourceful information that delivers timesaving and quick data.

Financial Services and Banking

Chatbots are already being used in the banking industry to improve customer service by delivering a more personalized experience by providing customers virtual assistance. Banks can now use virtual assistants to make suggestions over mobile phones. Chatbots collect colossal amounts of data to understand customer behavior, spending habits and personal choices.

Bank of America is already using AI in all areas of the company to study a client’s financial affairs and offer recommendations. The financial services are estimated to have 3.6 petabytes of data from transactional records, public information files, credit reference agencies with American Express processing $1 trillion in transactions and has 110 million AmEx cards in operation.

AI will Leverage…

  • Data flows
  • Trend analysis
  • Peer benchmarking
  • Create personized special offers to customized suggestions
  • Optimizing sales, price and helps prevent fraud
  • Analytics on buying habits
  • Activates alerts on unusual spending patterns.

AI delivers a faster, accurate assessment of potential borrower with credit scoring based on sophisticated instruction with extensive credit history availability.


Car companies and the automotive industry are collecting data to predict when parts will fail. AI brings an extra level of safety with drive assist tools that help new drivers monitor signals, inputs, sensors and identifying dangerous situations and how to avoid accidents and ultimately save lives.

AI deep learning algorithms can accurately foresee obstacles in the driver’s way from pedestrians close by to car accidents, fire, and ambulance trucks to stalled vehicles that are likely to interrupt driving.

Volvo wants to maintain their remarkable safety rating by knowing when cars need servicing. By 2024, AI in automotive manufacturing and cloud services will exceed $10 billion.


The railway cargo transportation is utilizing intelligent or smart freight locomotives furnished with sensors and cameras that capture track activity, front and back motion that enables real-time measurable on-board assessment, instantly resolving issues as they happen.

Locomotive failures are down by 25% with accurate metrics by providing in research trials signal control of road intersections, freeway traffic and can identify cracks in the pavement for safer transport. Understanding when new roads should be built and where to get the money to how efficiently can it be done. Including how quickly can it be built are all advances in AI and how well it is transforming the transportation industry.

Service, Construction and Entertainment

Service and Construction industry will benefit the most from AI and will be a productivity enhancer by addressing, understanding and processing tremendously complex designs or repetitive processing.

Authors and the entertainment industry can now write, produce with AI offering ingenuity and imagination with storytelling at its finest. Writers, poets and journalist having the ability to now self-publish on their own with AI programs easily accessible.

Quickly production companies can easily understand the likes and dislikes of people including what will sell and what will be a box office hit. AI will produce stories from concept to creation, script writing to development with machines that can emotionally affect humans from varied ethnic backgrounds.

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Keep Moving Forward with Aptude

Aptude is your own personal IT professional services firm. We provide our clients with first class resources in a continuous, cost-containment fashion.

Our support services will free up your senior IT staff from the overwhelming burden of day-to-day maintenance issues. Now they’ll have time to launch those new projects and applications you’ve been waiting for. Simply put, we can free up your resources and contain your costs. Let’s have a quick chat to discuss our exclusive services.


AI in Creative Arts


AI implementation is happening all around us and behind the scenes with humans training algorithms to improve processes that positively impact our everyday lives. An example is music-generating algorithms that are inspiring new songs and lyrics that helps musicians find the right beat for certain audiences or creating themes from machines that are learning millions of conversations, newspaper headlines and speeches in order to find new waves of music.

AI can find new elements in music with different fundamentals such as adding pleasant-sounding instruments and varied voices. AI works with pitch, beat, pulse, tempo, melody, harmony, texture, style, allocation of voice, expression, timbre, dynamics, articulation, form, harmonic frequencies and structure.


AI can help sous-chef find new ways to build off common-type recipes or mixing unique flavors with a new twist. Helping chefs develop new techniques in cooking or adding an unusual spice to the mix. AI-enables virtual Chef Watson is a project by IBM and functions as a resource to find better dishes.

AI is learning new dishes by combining top-tier culinary chef inputs with technology food learned cooking. The smart table can perform at a high proficiency with Innit — which is still in development but will be an online recipe database categorized by starches, produce, and proteins.

AI Today and Beyond

  • Transforming Business Operations
  • Discovering Better Ways to Handle Task-Driven Jobs
  • Improving Data Collections and Handling Tedious Processing
  • Preventing Fraudulent Transactions
  • Self-Parking, Advanced Cruise Control Features, Autonomous Vehicles
  • Self-Piloted Planes, Driverless Trains
  • Personalized Medicine Tailored-Made to Your Own Inherited Encoded DNA
  • Cybersecurity with Self-Learning and Automation Capabilities
  • Virtual Tasks will Help Seniors Stay Independent with Monitoring Tools
  • Siri in your cell phone to NetFlix recommendations

AI Programs Can Automate Tasks – Reducing Errors

  1. Improves in recording meeting minutes and transcribing court conversations
  2. Performs trend analysis and can respond to customer questions and inquiries
  3. Monitors sales, productivity analytics and can identify where to improve
  4. Consolidates large data files and coordinates schedules with team meetings

AI can streamline day-to-day functions in supply chain and logistics that results in delivering a more competitive edge by reducing costs. Eliminating time-consuming tasks, thereby cutting shipping costs and delivery times.

Supply Chain Management and Logistics – AI offers new insights into warehouse management, logistics, collaboration and offering greater knowledge of supply chain management. AI helps reduce operational costs and inventory and helps in responding to clients quicker.

Intelligent Robotics – AI can sort through thousands of letters, parcels and palletized shipments quickly and efficiently and at record speed. Smart robots with a human-like voice that can navigate warehouses, store floors that have mapping, routing, surface anomaly detection, object avoidance, and cloud-based data capture intelligence with advanced capabilities. Robots utilized in after-hour floor cleaning that have sensor-based controls that help with the harsh environment and varied terrains.

Powered Visual Inspection – AI takes precise photos of cargo using highly developed special cameras that identify damage to packages and identifies the appropriate corrective action.

Demand Forecasting Accuracy – AI is improving demand forecasting with supreme efficiency and allowing for stable and predictable outcomes that are correct. In supply chain can analyze huge amounts of complex relationships with better inventory, storage and by keeping transportation costs at a minimum is a huge plus.

  • The algorithm utilizes NN-based demand forecasting to better understand and predict peaks and low points in demand, which means more accurate forecasting.
  • In the past, this has been a challenge and AI will be able to show gaps and patterns; thereby reducing errors and volatility in certain segments.

Keyword Development – AI uses neural learning to auto-create the targeted keywords that are focused and customized to a specific audience which help to increase conversion and companies can see better sales and product performance. Helps companies to be more competitive, more targeted and more innovative by having the right analytics that help to make better decisions.

AI utilizes neural learning – To auto-create keywords that are customized to a specific audience or user with the ability to auto-create keywords personalized to a user’s needs. AI will impact a more powerful way to find new keywords to monitor, automate surveillance of brand and compete better based on competitive data.

“The newest trend in the search market is neural learning and artificial intelligence. This enhancement affords The Search Monitor the benefit of artificial intelligence and computer learnings to better evaluate the competitive landscape.” – Lori Weiman, CEO of The Search Monitor.

Human Brain

Humans have a limited brain capacity and we have been unable to solve the biggest mysteries in life, but AI can to do it at record speed and faster with greater accuracy. Humans are lacking the type of intelligence that AI delivers. Artificial intelligence has the capacity to keep going until the mystery is solved with a focus on designing machines that can simulate human behavior and the human brain.

The human brain can adapt to new situations, understand and handle abstract concepts, and use knowledge to maneuver through a person’s life by incorporating perception, attention, memory, language, and planning.

Even though animals can have cognitive faculties that exceed human intelligence; humans surpass all animals with the ability to learn from each other to better understand the world. Nothing, whether it be animal, technology or computers, has been able to exceed the human brain’s intelligence; until now with AI having the ability to replicate everything the human brain can do with far better ingenious and accurate results.

AI Brain

AI systems use neural networks which try to simulate the way our brain works in order to learn and improve outcomes. The speed that AI learns is exceptional and astonishing intelligent by refining the learning curve through repetition in order to find new solutions to problems and bonus AI never gets tired like humans do, which means continued solutions and new learning with no stopping or taking breaks. AI mimics human intelligence, using logic, if-then rules, decision trees, and machine learning and deep learning.

The reasoning impact of artificial intelligence is enormous from streamlining operations to improving processes with various industries being revolutionized and transformed such as…

  • IT services
  • Emergency Services
  • Finance
  • Transportation
  • Intellectual Property
  • Healthcare and Welfare
  • Energy, Utilities, and Mining
  • Agriculture
  • Call Centers
  • Higher Education
  • Technology Companies
  • Manufacturing
  • Government Border Crossing (virtual assistants, chatbots, facial recognition)

These are just some of the companies that are dependent on accuracy, precision, and correctness and each one is being transformed as we know it. AI is now in our everyday life and all around us in our daily routines whether it be online or offline.

AI enriches our life, helps us to navigate and improves our work life and home environment and in ways you wouldn’t expect from…

  1. Video games
  2. Driving directions
  3. Social media
  4. Web searching
  5. Email communications
  6. Detection programs that help police keep the community safe.

AI growth market value worldwide is expected to experience enormous growth by 2025 with an estimated growth rate of $191 billion and adding to the current worth of $1.2 trillion.

Artificial intelligence is composed of six disciplines

  1. Natural Language Processing
  2. Knowledge Representation
  3. Automated Reasoning
  4. Machine Learning
  5. Computer Vision
  6. Robotics

The Takeaway

People need to understand that AI helps to improve business by creating automation solutions; thereby advancing processes and increasing productivity.

  • AI is redefining jobs, creating computerized automation, improving complex raw data and qualifying data points by collecting data quickly and easily.
  • The benefits outweigh the apprehension and concern with automated marketing techniques that can now instantly improve sales. Teams can now make educated decisions through AI-based analytics.
  • AI helps to save time and money on tedious processes, tasks are done at record speed, safely enhances both security and maintenance of business equipment, helps in fighting fraud and preventing crimes.
  • Improves supply chain management and allows for chatbots to improve senior citizens lives by helping them remember to take their medication and business can have 24/7 real-time customer service.
  • AI is a no brainer and can streamline the hiring process, eliminates discrimination and bias of gender lifestyle choices, productivity is enhanced by minimizing time wasted by employees and allows AI to perform duties all around the clock to find new solutions to office problems.

Artificial Intelligence is extremely beneficial by transforming heavily regulated industries like financial services, healthcare, trading, and life sciences by focusing on four essential areas:

Descriptive Analytics – Is the ability to qualify events — helps to describe and present data simply and effortlessly so users can easily understand the analytics. Big data can be put into actionable insights and descriptive analytics is the preliminary stage of data processing. Information gathered can be organized and the data is put into identifiable patterns and groups by summarizing the data that makes sense to the user; such as social media followers, posts, fans at events and types of audiences.

Prescriptive Analytics – Determines the best course of action and is the final phase of business analytics which includes descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics. Data is automatically synthesizing big data and multiple disciplines and anticipates what will happen next in a sequence of events. Prescriptive gathers numbers, categories, unstructured data like videos, images, sounds and texts and combines business rules to predict what lies ahead.

Predictive Analytics – Analyzes customer behavior in sales and marketing and can forecast, predict stock prices and future trends and the direction of the stock market to preventing crimes. Can build trainable data by importing the data into libraries, fetching data into classifications and can predict target variables from Open-Close and High-Low indicators in the stock market.

Performance Analytics – Businesses will understand crucial operations, adhere to regulatory standards, reach global ethics, and meet ethical standards by measuring big data against performance, metrics, and assessment, and evaluation techniques and can streamline operational efficiencies and create sustainable long-term goals.

It’s imperative that companies understand, educate and learn the new ways AI tools are changing the work landscape and blue-collar industries. People will begin to see how powerful and transforming AI can really be — whether personal or professional, there is no escaping the ways AI enhances everyone’s life.

People can now be better informed with tools and algorithms that coach, teach and qualify data for more accurate records, statistics on the competitive landscape. Companies can make way for improvements, minimize overhead costs, reduce headcount and AI can speed up decision making on critical issues. And allow businesses to adapt to the changing environment with a more ethical approach to reporting strategizing and analyzing policies, processes, and procedures by removing human bias.

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