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Emily Guenther is a writer and editor with a background in a variety of industries including IT/OT, engineering, robotics, cloud, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), data analytics, Industrie 4.0, among others. Emily currently works in B2B media, catering to an audience that needs to keep their finger on the pulse of what is new and upcoming in regards to the newest technologies, industrial and technical products, concepts, and trends for a number of industries including engineering. In a world that is constantly advancing and evolving to the next best thing, Emily works with numerous industry professionals to stay ahead of industry trends and technologies that are revolutionizing the digital world.

Top Six reasons why Mexico City is the next Silicon Valley

By |2020-06-22T19:56:50+00:00February 13th, 2019|

Mexico City is growing exponentially and it’s no secret that many businesses—not just tech—have been moving into the area for a number of reasons. After having a tarnished reputation in the past, Mexico City is diving head first into the tech industry by allowing new and established tech companies to stake their claim and take [...]

Top 5 Challenges of Last Mile Delivery

By |2018-12-19T19:57:46+00:00May 7th, 2018|

Whether you’re a newbie or veteran as a logistics provider, it’s critical to recognize the many challenges the last mile delivery runs into and how to mitigate them. The last mile delivery is the most difficult to achieve for a startup or for a relatively established logistics provider. While there are many challenges in [...]

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Microsoft AppSource – Microsoft’s B2B marketplace

By |2018-08-27T16:30:24+00:00September 11th, 2016|

Need a way to manage, store or collect your data? What about managing your customer base? There’s an app for that! In fact, there are several apps for your business and that’s where Microsoft AppSource comes into play. AppSource allows users to have access to more than 200 business Software as a Service (SaaS) apps, [...]

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Reasons to Migrate to Microsoft SQL Server 2016

By |2018-08-27T18:58:16+00:00August 15th, 2016|

As of June of this year, Microsoft SQL Server 2016 – Microsoft’s database management software – has been unleashed for commercial use. There are many new features that enterprises will benefit from that its predecessor didn’t offer or lacked. This beefed up suite of features will have new users grinning from ear to ear. Here [...]

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Microsoft Power BI – Power BI Embedded and other data-driven updates

By |2018-08-27T18:59:08+00:00August 8th, 2016|

In July, Microsoft Power BI Desktop made several data-driven updates including a major one - Power BI Embedded. To recap, Power BI is a desktop program you can download and a cloud service that have different and overlapping capabilities for organizations to get the most out of their collected business analytics. Something to be aware [...]

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Migrating to Microsoft Project Online: What to Consider

By |2018-08-27T19:02:10+00:00August 1st, 2016|

Switching over to a new service can be frustrating and may give you a little anxiety if you don’t do your research. Users can easily be faced with issues along the way during migration, but in order to have a seamless experience, consider some of these things first. 1. What are Microsoft Project Online’s capabilities? [...]

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Project Madeira is now Dynamics 365

By |2018-08-29T16:51:18+00:00July 18th, 2016|

Project “Madeira” was a code-name for an initiative Microsoft was working on that provides big solutions for small- to mid-size (and beyond) businesses bringing together ERP solutions with Dynamics CRM all tightly integrated within the Office 365 environment. It was announced at Microsoft’s World Partner Conference that Project Madeira is now Dynamics 365.  Dynamics 365 [...]

Common Business Use Cases for Microsoft’s PowerApps

By |2018-11-21T17:13:34+00:00July 6th, 2016|

Microsoft PowerApps help your business users to collaborate and work more efficiently with tailored problem solving capabilities to deliver data presentation.  There are many ways you can use PowerApps in order to streamline your operations and benefit from PowerApps, whether it’s from your desktop or through your mobile device. PowerApps is an enterprise service [...]

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How to Reach Your SharePoint 2016 Server’s Full Potential

By |2018-08-29T16:58:29+00:00June 27th, 2016|

Now that Microsoft’s SharePoint 2016 is officially ready and available for your organization to dive into, there are a handful of new features that can be utilized to make sure you’re getting the most out of it. SharePoint 2016 will acquaint your organization with new ways to share, sync, communicate and organize content and presentation [...]

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Oracle SOA Suite 12c New Features That Simplify Integration Challenges

By |2018-08-29T18:09:10+00:00June 7th, 2016|

One of the benefits of upgrading to Oracle SOA Suite 12c is acquiring access a slew of new features that improve integration with other platforms (such as improved Big Data support with ODI, or new adaptors with ERP systems such as SAP, JDEdwards, etc), tighter integration with Oracle’s own products and development tools, and improved [...]

Benefits of Building Fusion Web Applications using Oracle ADF

By |2018-08-29T18:21:15+00:00May 23rd, 2016|

The Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF) is an application framework is a Java EE development framework from Oracle that is supported by Oracle JDeveloper 11g, making your life as a developer a lot easier. If you develop enterprise solutions that search, display, create, modify and validate data using web, wireless or desktop interfaces for [...]