A Modern Approach to Telework with Simple Next-Generation Technology

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An Easy 5-Step Remote Work Plan for 2021 For many people in corporate America, have a belief that telework --is for the chosen few, or offered to employees as a company perk. Where managers extend working from home to their selected workforce as an added incentive to keep teams happy and provide a work-home [...]

Demostración de Power BI

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Esta es una breve demostración sobre cómo crear una información sobre herramientas en Power BI. Esta es una de muchas otras cosas que enseñamos en nuestros entrenamientos.

How Expanded Access to Telemedicine Improves Health Care Equity for COVID-19 Patients

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Instant Health Care, Keeping Doctors Safe with Telehealth As the country comes together to fight a deadly virus and support the unsung heroes -- the doctors, nurses, first responders, and medical personnel are working tirelessly on the front lines of the battlefield to care for patients with COVID-19. The many people exposing themselves to [...]

UI/UX Design: Two Before & After Samples

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Sometimes it's just easier to show rather than tell. Although this is just a brief overview, Michael discusses the thought process of reworking two before-and-after PowerBI dashboard design samples. He explains what were the issues with the previous designs and how certain changes helped make the dashboard UI/UX design far more coherent and [...]

How Hospitals are Combating Diseases with Predictive Analytics: What You Need to Know

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Artificial Intelligence Companies Making a Difference in Predicting the Next Outbreak Looking at the best minds for answers in artificial intelligence on disease control, we see Andrew Ng, Co-Founder and Leader of Google Brain, is making an impact. He quoted recently, speaking actively on his thoughts about AI. “Much has been written about AI’s [...]

How Does ColdFusion Maintain Its Longevity After 25 Years?

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What Are The Key Benefits? Let’s Take a Closer Look Into A Remarkable Programming Language The answer as to why so many developers, programmers, and coders use ColdFusion after 25 years is for its world-wide acceptance, user-friendly interface, code quality, and the most straightforward programming language out there, allowing for easy learning and implementation. [...]

Coronavirus Survival Kit: Instituting a Business Continuity Plan

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Everything You Need to Know about Coronavirus (COVID-19): 8 Practical Tips for a Productive Workforce The Spread of the Virus The outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a highly transmissible infectious and contagious disease that is quickly spreading around the world and in the United States, with 60 new cases across 80 countries and [...]

Video: An Intro to UI/UX with Michael Foster

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Want to know how to fully utilize UI/UX for maximum impact? Design simplification isn't as easy as you think. Here is the first of a series of quick videos in which Michael will discuss the art of UI/UX design. In this video, Michael gives an overview on why good Dashboard design is critical [...]

Taking the Road Less Traveled as U.S. Companies Move to Mexico

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The Fastest, Growing Global Technology Hub in Latin America You must be thinking – How did Mexico grow to be the largest exporter of high-technology goods and the third-largest trading partner? When did Mexico turn out to be the leading hub for major manufacturing companies? At what time did Mexico develop into a country [...]

Optimizing Your Website for International Market – Best Practices and Cultural UI/UX Strategies

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Designing a Global Friendly Website You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. It’s true in business and for their brands. Organizations are judged on how they present themselves through their website and it is where people start to learn all about a company’s brand and impressions are formed quickly. [...]

Effectively Utilize Power BI: A Presentation for VPs and IT Executives

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Are you still learning the intricacies of Power BI? Do you feel you are not utilizing Power BI to its full potential? Due to the current Coronavirus Covid-19 Health Crisis, this event has been postponed. Help guide your team to better use Microsoft tools, such as Microsoft Flow and Power BI, [...]