The Future of Ecommerce: Trends and Insights for 2020

Merging Advanced Technologies, Modernizing Businesses, Reshaping the Future The internet, tailor-made apps and mobile devices have certainly changed the way we shop whether it be food, clothes or cars — consumers are more educated, technology savvy and are interested in a more personal approach. Today, many people have moved from retail to online due [...]

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  • 5 Benefits of Power BI

Five Benefits of Sentiment Analysis Using Power BI

In an age where data is constantly being collected, it’s important to know how you can turn that data into actionable data and use it to improve your operations. We’re used to the term “data mining” but here, we’re really looking into “opinion mining” using sentiment analysis – and doing so through Power BI. When [...]

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Photo Gallery from the Power Platform World Tour

As you know the Power Platform World Tour made a stop in Chicago on April 9-10, 2019. We were one of seven proud sponsors of the event. In between sessions we managed to take a few photos. Here are a select few. [...]

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Top Business Intelligence Trends for 2020

BI Delivers Faster Reporting, Accurate Analysis, Improves Operational Efficiency: It’s Vital to Business Success In the analytics industry and in the business world — business intelligence, analytical tools and BI applications is the number one talked about subject. BI is faster and more accurate in reporting; data analysis is more robust, and forecasting has [...]

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  • microservices

Getting Rid of that Legacy Ball of Mud – How to Deploy Microservices

Let’s talk applications for a second. We all use them, they’re a part of our everyday lives, and we all feel that they’re absolutely critical to our productivity. In today’s always-on world, apps and services are the core delivery mechanism of content and data that we absolutely rely upon. That said, new concepts around [...]

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Migrating Your ERP System into The Cloud – Is it Possible?

It’s been amazing to see just how far cloud, DevOps, and the modern application have come. Over the years, I’ve been a part of a lot of migrations and initiatives to move services and entire application architectures into the cloud. Today, we’re starting to see organizations look at the fringes of cloud migration to [...]

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Visit Aptude at the Power Platform World Tour in Chicago

The Power Platform World Tour is making a stop in Chicago on April 9-10, 2019, bringing unprecedented access to premium Power BI, PowerApps and Flow content designed by your local industry experts. Join us on this exploration around the world, gaining peer-to-peer networking opportunities and building a local support system sure to provide value [...]

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Five critical migration challenges to IBM WebSphere’s Commerce platform

While IBM’s WebSphere Commerce (WC) platform delivers a modern experience, there are some challenges to overcome when you’re faced with the task to migrate or upgrade to a new version. IBM’s e-commerce software, WebSphere Commerce, is a modern tool for businesses to deliver an innovative experience and provide innovative tools. However, just like any [...]

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The Most Significant IT Healthcare Challenges

IT Healthcare Experts Are Managing Complex Issues: Integrating Data-Driven Tools, Protecting and Safeguarding Healthcare Networks The healthcare industry continues to be the target for cyber criminals, online hackers and insider attackers due to the sensitive and personal information on patients. The healthcare organization has many decentralized systems within the facility that are not patched [...]

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  • Legacy Systems

Maybe It’s Time to Let Go of That Monolith Application

If you fear release cycles, get too many errors in your code, or are finding it harder to move key services into more agile operations, you might be dealing with a legacy, monolithic application. I’ve had the chance to work in a lot of DevOps environments and have sat in on several projects. One [...]

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