Microsoft is going after Oracle’s Database market and there are signs that it’s hungrier for more! When I read the news last week from Bloomberg (Microsoft offers-free database software-to lure oracle customers) that Microsoft was offering free licensing for organizations that are willing to move from Oracle it didn’t really surprise me.  Microsoft SQL Server’s Total Cost of ownership is already considerably less than Oracle’s so why not push the envelope and use that all empowering word that has lured many of open-source disciples for the past two decades (Free). Their “free” offer is good through June 30, 2016.  Of course it isn’t exactly free, since there are hardware costs as well as a support agreement they’re calling Software Assurance.

I do like the idea that Microsoft is really committing to help companies make the switch by offering engineers (services) to assist in the migration transition.   With Oracle owning substantial market share of the enterprise database footprint this might just be what it takes for organizations to take notice. Details on the specifics regarding Microsoft’s offer to help get companies to switch from Oracle to SQL Server can be seen on the Break Free from Oracle page on the Microsoft site.

In addition, we see that Microsoft will be offering its Database (SQL Server 2016) on Linux starting sometime mid-year of 2017.  There are a host of reasons for this move but a key objective must again to take-on Oracle head-to-head where many enterprise organizations deploy their production environments.   Organizations of course have many considerations regarding database deployment, but operating system constraints have just gotten diminished by this announcement.  In the past, many organizational discussions regarding SQL Server and its benefits didn’t get consideration since the operating system limitation to Windows Server was a barrier.

This one-two announcement of “Switching for Free”, plus the availability of Oracle on Linux are aggressive moves.  We’ll have to wait to see the pay-off for Microsoft, but for the customer, it all looks great!