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Aptude’s Business Intelligence Process

Aptude’s Business Intelligence practice is focused on providing you with a customized BI solution that helps you use technology as a tool to enhance your organizational decision-making, reduce your costs, and increase your revenue.

We’ll work together to identify your technology needs and resolve your challenges with a cost-effective solution that works within your organization’s best practices. Your results can be measured in dollars, reduced labor or days to process, increased competitive advantage—or whatever it is your business needs to succeed.

Highlights of our BI Software Development Process:

Project Vision workshop – We’ll meet with your technical team and key business users to:

  • Identify business drivers, project goals and success criteria
  • Discuss technology capabilities and business limitations
  • Define measurable results in terms of financial objectives and organizational effectiveness
  • Assess Technology readiness and incorporate change management policies
  • Define technology standards, integrate project technical infrastructure into existing infrastructure frameworks

Planning – Putting actionable plans in place, like these, help drive a successful project:

  • Enterprise Infrastructure Planning—create detailed Infrastructure Analysis Plan addressing technical infrastructure and nontechnical infrastructure.
  • Project Planning—create detailed Release Plan, Risk Assessment Plan, and Change Communication Plan.

Business Analysis – We’ll conduct a thorough investigation of pertinent business areas to arrive at clear:

  • Project Delivery Requirements
  • Data Analysis
  • Application Prototyping, depicting the eventual system
  • Meta Data Repository Analysis, detailing technical requirements

Design – In this phase, the team prepares:

  • Meta Data Repository Design
  • Database Design
  • ETL Design

Development – To arrive at the results you’re seeking in your BI application, Aptude will perform:

  • ETL Development
  • Application Development
  • Data Mining
  • Meta Data Repository Development

Keep Moving Forward with Aptude

Aptude is your own personal IT professional services firm. We provide our clients with first class resources in a continuous, cost-containment fashion.

Our support services will free up your senior IT staff from the overwhelming burden of day-to-day maintenance issues. Now they’ll have time to launch those new projects and applications you’ve been waiting for. Simply put, we can free up your resources and contain your costs. Let’s have a quick chat to discuss our exclusive services.