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Data Accuracy & Reporting with Microsoft

Engineering firm CDG, Inc., had relied on manual processes for storing its financial data and project information. To generate monthly reports for analysis, the firm was also manually downloading data to an Excel spreadsheet. These processes were error prone and of limited use. CDG turned to IT consulting and development company Aptude.


EndemolShine Boomdog Power Apps Case Study

EndemolShine Boomdog is the leading production company in the Mexican and US Hispanic market. They are part of Endemol Shine Group, a global production powerhouse creating world-class content for all platforms. As a producer and distributor, Endemol Shine Group is comprised of 120 companies across all of the world’s major markets, dedicated to creating content that enthralls and inspires.


Bilingual Hypercare Support Case Study

In 2020, a 10 Billion dollar, Global Packaging company and client of Aptude’s underwent a merger. As part of the changes, the entire company had to merge into a single Microsoft instance. Microsoft licensing and tenants had to seamlessly merge without loss of employee productivity or customer impact. To make the complicated project even more complex, the migration had to happen across several regions, including in North and South America.


Big Data-Empowered Dynamic Pricing and Routing for a Transportation Company

Dynamic routing and pricing can be a challenge for even the largest of trucking firms. That was the case with one large client of ours: they were doing some things programmatically internally, but it wasn’t efficient, dynamic, or all-encompassing. And with human interaction with the routing, there’s invariably only so many data points that can be addressed in the decision-making process… and humans are biased.


Improved Trucking Route Efficiency and Decision-Making with Hadoop

Our client, a leader in the Transportation and Logistics domain, was facing this big data predicament. Combined, their trucks travel roughly 8 million miles per day to deliver their cargo. The Client needed a method to effectively analyze truck travel patterns to gain an understanding on a myriad of issues including how many “empty miles” were accrued on routes and subsequently make adjustments for more efficient deliveries.


A Robust Data Warehouse Application with Access to a New Enterprise System

A facility that stores and repairs equipment for some of the largest steamship companies in the world needed to save critical time in the repair estimating process in hopes to increase labor efficiencies, provided immediacy and better customer satisfaction. This in turn would lead to higher sales and a reduction of expenses.


Microsoft .NET Case Study for an Environmental Organization

A large environmental clean-up organization was losing track of its costs as it pertained to specific areas of an environmental job. The company had over seven locations and lacked a consistent method of managing sales and job costs, and management was finding it difficult to track the profitability of particular job or cost centers.


RPA Case Studies

Case Study 1: Refining the Process BUSINESS CHALLENGE A large company was receiving 150-200 orders a day. This required manual labor before it could [...]

Education Case Study: Power BI

Education Case Study - Power BI CHALLENGE: One of the largest School Districts in a the State of George needed a county-wide, District wide and [...]

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