Case Study 1: Refining the Process


A large company was receiving 150-200 orders a day. This required manual labor before it could be approved for payment. As data arrived from various systems in unstructured data formats (PDF/Scanned Documents), it was difficult to extract the correct details and enter them into corresponding various systems. As this all had to be performed manually, which caused major delays in claims processed and heavily impaired customer service.

  • A BOT designed to extract data from unstructured inputs, perform data cleansing and enter details in required systems.
  • This resulted in reduced processing time, removal of human error and reduced operational expenditures.

Case Study 2: In a Timely Manner


A North American based transportation management company which provides intermodal, truck brokerage and logistics services faced a major challenge processing around-the-clock emailed Detention Requests and missing driver appointments due to several internal technical issues.

  • One BOT was designed to read incoming Detention Request emails and extract that data from those emails. Then it checked and confirmed the current status from two different systems. Afterwards, it processed shipment details and made updates within their Legacy system.
  • Another BOT was designed to gather the missed appointment details from the Database and other various systems. It then updated appointments for all of the drivers.

Case Study 3: Implemented End-to-End Paperwork Process

This was a comprehensive solution for a North American based transportation management company that required a lot of coordination and technical skill. Here is a quick rundown of that process and the results of our efforts.

  • Assign Shipments to Drivers
  • Deliver the goods at multiple stops
  • Collect POD at each stop
  • Upload the docs to portal for the given Shipment
  • Location/Terminal Managers have to review and approve for respective locations
  • Invoice Processing team has to extract the data from the documents and prepare Invoices
  • Send the invoices for Approvals
  • Send the details to Payment systems
  • After payments, the shipments have to be updated

  • Achieved a high processing rate with excellent accuracy
  • Major cost of operation savings
  • Average processing time was greatly reduced
  • Reduced human error

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