Case Study: From Limited EDI Support to 24/7/365 Proactive Response

Your Business Can’t Wait for Manual Processing and Last-Minute EDI Fixes.

That’s why Aptude offers 24/7/365 EDI Support. Whether you have 1 partner or 1,000+, you can get the real-time, split-second EDI help you need to keep moving forward fast.

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EDI Success Story

This case study highlights a top 100 Trucking organization in the United States that had a strong need for consistent and reliable EDI service. They turned to Aptude for 24/7/365 EDI Support.

From Limited EDI Support to a 24/7/365 Proactive Response

Before Aptude came on board, they had no hypercare onboarding support, and existing partner support was limited to business hours only.

On the reactive side, they received over 100 tickets a day and with over 1,000 partners to manage, their team’s bandwidth was severely limited. As a result, their health check monitoring was reactive, rather than proactive, and AS2 changes brought cutovers which limited service for partners.

And finally, as with most projects where there is no bandwidth for best practices, they had few SOPs and knowledge documented due to limited bandwidth and ITIL expertise.

They needed fewer EDI problems, more EDI support overall, and best practices that would increase their quality of service for their customers. They called on Aptude to help.

Our Solution

Aptude came in and quickly got to work. After creating some best practices and SOPs, and then identifying some root cause problems of EDI translation issues, we were able to get their tickets down considerably. The addition of team members from Aptude allowed support to be 24/7/365, rather than just during business house. Any development changes were made on demand as needed, with full support from the Aptude EDI team. 

Even better, new and priority customers were able to get “hypercare”, dedicated onboarding support, resulting in better customer experiences (CX) across the board. As a result, their partner count increased by 20% while their incident count decreased thanks to ITIL service management. 

Their health monitoring is now proactive and checked multiple times per day for maximum inbound/outbound data flow. Should issues arise, the newly documented best practices and SOPs, combined with the 24/7/365 team, enables quick responses on production issues.


EDI Self Evaluation

• Is your team facing EDI challenges due to delayed 210s, 204s, 856s?
• Do you lack 24x7x365 monitoring and support for clients, carriers, and vendors?
• Does your team lack the bandwidth to respond to translation errors or system downtime quickly without negatively impacting other areas of your business?

Let’s have a chat. Call us at 630-692-6700 and ask for Guy DeRosa (extension 406), or email us at with the subject line “EDI Support”.

We’ll get back to you ASAP with more info and available times to connect and discuss your EDI needs. If you qualify, we may even be able to offer a no-cost, no-obligation pilot project. Contact us today to learn more.

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