Top 5 Things You Need to Know: Power BI Myths

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(Please note: We noticed this article gets many views from Japan. We use the Google Neural Machine Translation System. We apologize for any mistranslation in the article that may occur. If you are aware of a better translation system, please let us know.) The New Modern Workplace – Quickly Transform Data, Build Dashboards and [...]

  • Top 5 Robotic Process Automation for 2020

Top 5 Advantages to Robotic Process Automation – Building a Digital Transformation Strategy in 2020

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How to Become an RPA Expert – Quick Guide on Automated Business Processes Robotic Process Automation combined with Artificial Intelligence is giving companies the best of both worlds and RPA vendors are in full swing, scrambling for the spotlight. Vendors are offering demonstrations, free trials, onsite/offsite training and easy code-free configurations with AI and [...]

Top 5 Mega Transportation Advancements – To Improve Customer Satisfaction

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Customer Expectations Drive New Technology Changes for Logistics in 2020 – Resulting in Customer-Focused Logistics If you’re going to be a top-performing logistics company and achieve measurable results, you will need to adapt to the numerous changes in the transportation industry and deliver an exceptional customer experience. Industrial customers in the logistics transportation industry [...]

Top 5 Logistics Transportation Trends

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A Brighter Future with Technology Innovations and Eco-Friendly Transportation A transformation in the logistics transportation industry is taking place and our future looks bright with smart solutions and sustainable alternatives. Companies need to stay competitive and are forced to add new advanced technology to improve their distribution centers, warehouses, shipping, and transport management. In [...]

The Future of Ecommerce: Trends and Insights for 2020

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Merging Advanced Technologies, Modernizing Businesses, Reshaping the Future The internet, tailor-made apps and mobile devices have certainly changed the way we shop whether it be food, clothes or cars — consumers are more educated, technology savvy and are interested in a more personal approach. Today, many people have moved from retail to online due [...]

Top Business Intelligence Trends for 2020

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BI Delivers Faster Reporting, Accurate Analysis, Improves Operational Efficiency: It’s Vital to Business Success In the analytics industry and in the business world — business intelligence, analytical tools and BI applications is the number one talked about subject. BI is faster and more accurate in reporting; data analysis is more robust, and forecasting has [...]

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