EDI Support & Data Mapping

Aptude offers comprehensive 24x7x365 EDI support with one of the best EDI teams in business.

Your Business Can’t Wait for Manual Processing and Last-Minute EDI Fixes.

That’s why Aptude offers 24/7/365 EDI Support. Whether you have 1 partner or 1,000+, you can get the real-time, split-second EDI help you need to keep moving forward fast. For EDI to work correctly, there’s a lot of things that have to happen in the right order at the right time. It’s an intricate process that requires perfected split-second timing from a lot of different data sources. That’s why we monitor all EDI transactions for our clients in real-time, respond to any translation errors quickly, and put permanent solutions in place for many translation errors before they even hit the EDI system.


With Aptude as Your EDI Technology Partner, You Can …

  • Experience peace of mind knowing your orders are responded to immediately and resolved quickly 24/7/365
  • Identify why translation errors happen – and get expert help fixing them long-term
  • Stay up-to-date on ever-changing vendor and partner requirements
  • Ensure your application is maintained month after month, so code never goes out of date or stops working during peak hours
  • Onboard new trading partners quickly, no matter how clunky their existing software setup is
  • Scale your EDI team up or down as needed based on demand and budget
  • Proactively monitor your systems for issues with health checks multiple times per day, rather than waiting for disaster to strike and cause massive downtimes

Aptude’s EDI Service Catalog

– B2B SI Server Administration, Migration, and Upgrade
– Manage Trading Partners
– End to end communication setups like FTP, SFTP, AS2 and VAN Envelope creation, map development, mailbox creation
– Exchanging AS2 messages – AS2 Encoding and AS2 Decoding
– Send and Receive EDI messages in batches to Trading Partners
– Processing flat files, XML, etc.
– Adding Maps for XML transform
– Testing, Deploying and Monitoring

IBM eCommerce – Open For Business

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JD Edwards Development & Support

It’s important to have a solid team that understands JD Edwards software inside-out. Our knowledgeable team can provide the highest level of augmentation to your existing staff. We also offer support solutions to assist as needed, which can free up your senior IT staff from the overwhelming burden of day-to-day maintenance issues. Your team can finally attend to new projects and new application development while our technical staff plays defense troubleshooting the system.

JD Edwards empowers your organization to innovate in a digital economy. Leverage automation, data-guided decision-making, and digital products or services to achieve your organizations’ desired business outcomes.

24/7/365 EDI Support

Aptude’s monitoring and support gives you the power to anticipate and troubleshoot issues before they occur. Should a critical issue arise, Aptude is there to augment your team, solving issues quickly and efficiently. We offer different levels of service depending on your technology and support level needed.

Mapping Done Right

We have the expertise to tune EDI/ SI systems and databases to vastly improve performance. Our team will make sure whether it’s an inbound 204 order from a customer or an outgoing 210 invoice, it gets processed on-time and the acknowledgments are sent back to complete the transaction cycle.

An EDI Success Story

This case study highlights a top 100 Trucking organization in the United States that had a strong need for consistent and reliable EDI service. They turned to Aptude for 24/7/365 EDI Support.

Prior to Aptude’s EDI support assistance:

  • They did not have hypercare onboarding support, and their existing support partner only offered support during the day
  • They accumulated over 100 tickets a day with over 1,000 partners to manage
  • Their health check monitoring was reactive, rather than proactive
  • AS2 changes brought cut-overs, which limited service for partners
  • They had few SOPs and best practices due to limited bandwidth and minimal ITIL expertise

Currently with Aptude On Board:

  • With Aptude providing ITIL problem management, their average daily tickets have consistently dropped
  • Their support is now 24/7/365, with flexible changes made on demand with full support from the Aptude EDI team
  • New and priority customers get “hypercare”, dedicated onboarding support
  • Working with our client, we created SOP and strong, accountable SLA’s
  • Although their partner count increased, their ticket count decreased overall
  • Proactive health monitoring is checked multiple times per day by automation, with some manual intervention as needed

EDI Self Evaluation Time:

• Is your team facing EDI challenges due to delayed 210s, 204s, 856s?
• Do you lack 24x7x365 monitoring and support for clients, carriers, and vendors?
• Does your team lack the bandwidth to respond to translation errors or system downtime quickly without negatively impacting other areas of your business?

If any of the above apply, then let’s have a chat. Call us at 630-692-6700 and ask for Guy DeRosa, or fill out the form to get an EDI Info Kit and an opportunity to book a call with our team. If you qualify, we may even be able to offer a no-cost, no-obligation pilot project. Contact us today to learn more.