EndemolShine Boomdog Power Apps Case Study

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EndemolShine Boomdog is the leading production company in the Mexican and US Hispanic market. They are part of Endemol Shine Group, a global production powerhouse creating world-class content for all platforms. As a producer and distributor, Endemol Shine Group is comprised of 120 companies across all of the world’s major markets, dedicated to creating content that enthralls and inspires.

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The Challenge

EndemolShine Boomdog required an automatization of invoice authorization flow to optimize and significantly increase functionality to their current Accounts Payable Process System. They were spending an unreasonable amount of time looking into unpaid invoices, determining the proper status of current invoices, all the while keeping clients and staff adequately informed.

The Requirements

  • Automate their current Accounts Payables process to reduce the number of human interactions and possible errors that can be derived from such actions.
  • Improve the approval process, making it work more efficiently for the administration while controlling payments to third parties.
  • Set a precedent, in terms of information and technology, to be prepared for the next implementation and potential integration with Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Automate the approval process for all types of providers to dramatically reduce time.
  • Read Excel/TXT files that will trigger the process flow(s).
  • Ability to track invoices in SharePoint, that belong to the Accounts Payables flow, through notifications and an approval log.
  • Reporting capabilities by role (At screen level via App)
  • View Historical data

Our Solution

Aptude developed an application with Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate, which works as follows:

  • Determines based on those responsible for the processes and security settings in the application who can / should access it for the execution of the process in question.
  • Identification of invoices that are still pending payment and ready for the preparation of a Payment Proposal.
  • Sends Payment Proposal for approval using different levels according to the hierarchy and security conditions defined in the Accounts Payables policies.
  • Obtains approved invoices for payment and allows information extraction to easily carry out electronic transfers to pay the invoices.
  • Provides traceability of each of the actions throughout the Accounts Payables process, so that this information can be auditable.
  • Provides treasury users with an agile and simple way to visualize the different states of each invoice by applying filters in five different categories.

The Benefits

In addition to various functionality features in the developed Power App, one of the main ones is the ability to access directly from anywhere on any device. Through this capability, users can remotely authorize and manage invoices and payments through their mobile phone, which is essential and useful for EndemolShine Boomdog personnel who are working in external locations. It also eliminates the interference or manual intervention of the user in the handling of the information, which increases the integrity and security of the process. In the same way, they can see all the pending invoices by type, date, and production code. We also automate the process of informing the next approver in the chain of accounts payable, since the application generates automatic emails with the necessary hyperlinks so that each of the users involved in the process can efficiently complete their tasks, and access a friendly way also keeping records and historical processes.

“Aptude understood our needs and achieved a very punctual, easy and clean payment automation solution design. The app allowed us to significantly reduce the hours invested in the payment generation, authorization, and management process, while providing total traceability and security throughout the process cycle. All at the same time that it turned heavy and redundant work into an efficient and fun activity.”

Enrique Llovera
Financial Controller

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