Triumph of Two Tech Giants in Health Exploration

North America’s patient healthcare far exceeds other countries with close to 2 trillion in revenue, with experts predicting a 67% increase by 2024 among the two biggest healthcare companies that dominate the industry.

The global leader McKesson Corporation is a healthcare and supply chain management solutions, pharmacy, oncology and health information technology. The most admired company was the first in pharmacy robotics has reached more than 208 billion in annual revenue. United Health Group Incorporated is an American and the largest for-profit healthcare company that reached 242 billion.

Global scientists were cited in health journals “The Impact of AI”

“Today, we reflect on the up rise of artificial intelligence – it has never been so surreal, strange, and extraordinary with endless possibilities and boundless potential. We have never manipulated data like this before promising a brighter future through health-driven altering technology.”

“AI/ML has given a new meaning to learning with mammoth breakthroughs catapulting everyone to question the level of risks we are willing to take.”

“As we contemplate the dangers that may lurk ahead, we are willing to take the plunge into the most extreme, cutting-edge, and futuristic technology the world has ever seen.”

Microsoft Big Achievement

Deep Learning is subset of Machine Learning – For business intelligence, advanced analytics, loT solutions and for real-time big data. “We are predicting accurate healthcare operational efficiencies, reducing costs and saving more lives.”  For better well-being, staying healthy and identify day-to-day microscopic patterns for improving our way of life – unlocking the unidentified and unexplained of our natural world.

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Microsoft AI “For Good”

AI reveals the mysteries of life – Allows for smarter healthcare, smarter living, and more intelligent thinking by spotting patterns in all areas of our lives from work to play with new data inputs that reach higher levels of thought. The country has always had a love-hate relationship with artificial intelligence, with a deep fascination into the unknown – processing huge amounts of data for solving problems and understanding the world.

Microsoft has a well-built – Successful AI portfolio with deep learning in speech and handwriting recognition launched a 40 million for Good Program called “the AI Impact Challenge.”  Inspires organizations to improve humanitarian issues and reach out and solicit Google for improvements on the environment around the world, finding new cures, and advancing health sciences by helping to fight viruses.

Microsoft provides AI technology – Help doctors and gives resources and expertise to companies wanting to create a more sustainable world and looking to solve global climate issues.  It helps to improve health in communities and empower researchers and scientists in discovering, diagnosing, and advanced treatment for diseases.

Health equity is top of mind – Global health insights and supporting research around the world by improving access to health care, protecting against health crises, and exploring health equality through research. Built health algorithms and develops medical diagnosis profiles for catch diseases like tuberculosis, cervical cancer using AI and data science.

Addressing sudden infant death syndrome – Eliminating leprosy with AI-enabled, machine learning, and data analytics. Preventing blindness from diabetic retinopathy and accelerating research across borders. The AI tech tools and cloud software helps with climate change and revealing anomalies, spot patterns through large datasets. Deploys an artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and voice technology to Humana, the health insurance company with Microsoft 365.

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From ongoing staffing needs to a rich, 24/7 onsite/nearshore model, our Data Science premium support teams are tailored specifically to meet your needs. Hire an IT resource that’s relatively within the same time zone, cost-effective and easier to access than most offshore services.

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Nearshore IT Services

From ongoing staffing needs to a rich, 24/7 onsite/nearshore model, our Data Science premium support teams are tailored specifically to meet your needs. Hire an IT resource that’s relatively within the same time zone, cost-effective and easier to access than most offshore services.

Since we’re highly proficient Data Mining and Big Data specialists, our Nearshore team can extract the critical knowledge and insights you need from your structured and unstructured data.


Microsoft Azure Cloud, Azure AI

Azure Cloud and Airdoc Device – Utilizes AI, medical data sharing, and analytic tools for prevention, reduce operational costs, healthcare expenses and provide personalized medicine.  An AI device that helps to detect retinal disease, hypertension, macular degeneration, diabetes, and heart attacks, including coronary disease through the power of the cloud. An AI-powered app, and Azure machine learning  improves public health organizations in the prevention of deadly diseases for a healthier world by spotting patterns, images, and words through AI tech tools.

For Life Sciences and Healthcare – Is an open-source cloud-based AI health system centered that effectively works across health branches and units based on patient care for well-organized, resourceful, cost-effective delivery of competent healthcare.

Integrates intelligent predictive technology – Within the Azure cloud-based platform that can access real-time patient medical data points and Humana wants to standardize work for their global workforce. Microsoft 365 uses machine learning to prevent medical and health patient data from being lost, prevents mistakes, and has high security to prevent leaks and malicious insider attacks.

Utilizes smart-data driven tools – For AI Health in-patient records – secures documents by interconnecting with the healthcare team through voice and chat. The development and expansion of its program interface (API) intended for Fast Healthcare Inoperability Resource (FHIR). Health directors and chief medical personnel are diligently by demanding cloud technology that works in an open-source environment for the secure exchange of protected health information (PHI). 

An enterprise system – That follows end-to-end patient’s care and health-related data standardize health data and with the Power BI platform and secured advanced analytics and incorporates simplified visualization. An AI application that converts legacy data to extract medical data points from test results -for statistical analyzing, and anonymized testing of routine blood samples.

Allows for robust patient management – Healthcare reporting, predictive analytics helps operational teams with data exploration and has pre-built functions contained in the Power BI FHIR Connector.

Microsoft Immunomics

Engineers and scientists – Developing machine learning and biotechnologies to recognize disease-specific antigens for reading immune system and T-cells – for antigen project mapping for sequencing and defined medical diagnostics and treatment. Helps organizations receive – A personalized roadmap and improve operational and better healthcare outcomes in remote areas of the country and better life sciences solutions with new approaches.

Precision Medicine – Is now a reality utilizing AI computerized analysis – providers can now offer proper, individualized care tailored to meet the patient’s needs with the best treatments gained by extracting a more comprehensive picture. Engineers are augmenting – Data with antigen-specific data to diagnose autoimmune diseases, cancers, and infections.

Microsoft Premonition

Leverages AI for detecting – Infectious diseases, viruses, and microbes – actively can monitor the environment with the use of a robotic field biologist. Project Premonition Foundation – In uncovering harmful pathogens by collecting trillions of genetic markers, chemical tests, and blood samples to locate viruses, wide-spreading diseases, bugs, illnesses, bacteria, fungi, and higher life forms.

Epidemiologists utilize smarter tools – For tracking disease outbreaks by gathering DNA signatures, bug-borne pathogens, and terabytes of data. Helps to trap mosquitoes’ – To control the malaria parasite – scientist can study insect behavior, activities, and environment for monitoring disease outbreaks. Health Specialists are spotting – New transmission patterns in both animals to people potential pathogens and cloud-scale genomic analysis using robotics and genomics.

The Impact of Genomics

Better life, better experiences and better insights – Plus genetic data, genomics medicine, and genomic technology are now getting the boost it needs with AI and Cloud Computing.  AI offers more genetic answers – More storage, more processing and more collection of biological data and genomes of living things. Purpose-built AI software – Allows for the examination and the deep understanding of genomic data, and variation techniques from extracting genomic data set sequencing and DNA data analysis. 

Project Hanover

An advanced state of data-driven intelligence – Using machine learning to automatically calculates individual data points to help doctors narrow the search for the treatment, drug regime by filtering through thousands of medical papers for the best and most successful outcome. A tool that helps oncologists – Can build machine learning algorithms and health detection tools for definitive treatment, therapy, or medication for custom-made, individual, and personalized cancer care for each patient.

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Google’s Big Achievement

Google AI

Google Health and Google Research transforms – Machine learning to deliver assistive technology to empower doctors with data science and ML project around transformative medicine and AI tools for understanding patient data for better delivery of care. Alphabet recently hired – The former CEO of Geisinger Health to head up a healthcare initiative called Medical Digital Assist.

Wearables used for digital health – And to transform operations and hospital procedures. Google Health is the leader in AI and is at the forefront in the deployment of deep learning products. Services focused on curing blindness, curing diseases through modeling. Google has the most robust AI portfolio with its parent company.

AI develops big data analytics – For better patient treatments, increased storage, and farther reach. Computerizes the automation backend operations, and constructs telehealth apps. Machine-readable text  – Extracts health and medical data for end-to-end platform AI healthcare. In addition to aiding in breast cancer screening through algorithms and AI tools for oncologists.

Smarter patient treatments – And builds robust statistical techniques with machine learning to collect and transform the vast amounts of data into a tailed, custom-made health future.

Apigee Healthcare APIx

Effortlessly connects health providers – And app developers to build FHIR API-based digital services. Decrease risks during care transitions – increases efficiency and strengthens the safety of developments across the continuum of in-patient and out-patient care.

Advances chronic condition management – Enhances collaboration between patients, physicians, and healthcare providers to manage chronic conditions effectively. Delivers patient-centric digital services – Expands targeted personal wellness, and extends prevention assistance to susceptible at-risk patients.

Medical Digital Assist

Algorithms to help automate – Doctors/nurses’ notes with voice recognition technology. Google AI research is paving the way in modernizing applications and medicinal product developments with Google Brain, Deep Mind Health, and Open AI.

Deep Mind

Is making headway in learning-based AI – Along with memory-augmented networks; building machine learning to help doctors with patient care, administrative overload using EHR clinical data. Develops and produces – An incredible infrastructure and deep learning algorithms that control their core revenue stream.

Google Cloud Healthcare API

A built on Google Health system – In addition to cloud application that develops simple, highly scalable clinical and analytical solutions between health applications and data solutions.

Reduces operational costs – Enhances healthcare efficiency, helps to create record-sharing easier, safer – includes pre-built connectors for streaming data processing in Dataflow, scalable analytics with BIG Query, and machine learning with Google API Platform.

Multilayered security – Along with precise policy controls – identity encryption and store datasets in distinct geographic locations.  Accelerates and improves – Healthcare solutions – by connecting applications to patients care on Google Could with easy exchanging and standardized data.

The TakeAway

AI uses big data within hospitals, complex networks, academic, public health clinics, and governmental partners with better personal health programs with an introspective intelligence and a more in-depth understanding of a wide range of data complexities. AI can robotically collect data and specimens to build better forecasting of diseases by removing risks. It also can explore environmental DNA with genomics analysis for the possibility of infecting people worldwide with large disease outbreaks by giving researchers time to develop a vaccine.

  • AI detects disease epidemics through early detection of potential pathogens by studying and comprehending the environment to maximize success.
  • Artificial Intelligence, big data, processing millions of data points, machine learning, data analysis techniques, and cloud computing is helping to aim at transforming and renovating healthcare.
  • AI technology empowers doctors with intelligent data by modernizing healthcare and through speedy data processing.

AI Making a Difference

At the fundamental level, artificial intelligence offers improved operational automation, data mining, and optimizes routine processes. AI computerizes tasks with increased productivity, anticipating problems before they occur, and creates new methods for analyzing data super fast and with extreme accuracy by interpreting data for more efficient business operations.

  • AI is already helping to save the planet, improve agriculture by collecting vast amounts of data, protect our oceans, and offers knowledge on crop diseases. It can help significantly improve water and waste management systems.
  • AI technology allows researchers to understand the quality of water in developing countries and can give scientists new intuitive data on declining wildlife or new endangered species with reliable and convincing data that helps scientists to understand the population better.

Microsoft AI Answers Complex Problems

  1. Improve environmental health issues; better predicts the rise of new unidentified infectious diseases before it spreads.
  2. Faster, accurate image analysis, diagnosis health issues, and analyzes genetic indicators and offers hospitals virtual nursing assistants to monitor patients and answer questions.
  3. AI voice-based audio conversational Chatbots to have a more human touch.
  4. Chatbots easily manage incoming customer inquiries with natural language/better engagement.
  5. Increase surgical robotics with sub-millimeter precision and with new surgical techniques.
  6. Enhance healthcare best practices and transform policy and patient services
  7. operations and health with personalized treatments
  8. Analyze healthcare data and the health of populations around the world
  9. Identify chronic health issues, track practitioner performance and find new ways to reduce costs and offers insights into fixing inefficient patient outcomes
  10. Transform policy and expose wasteful resources and help prevent prescription drug abuse

AI can end poverty and brings personalized wellness for kids struggling with their health offering custom-made healthcare. People in rural areas and remote countries can learn and live better and even work better with the quality of life that is greatly improved due to AI.

  • Artificial intelligence is dramatically changing the healthcare sector and research space with highly developed medical discoveries.
  • It’s at the forefront of it all research, modernizing and rebuilding the medical space with innovation, user-friendly research tools, and robot-assisted surgical devices.
  • Data modeling for better workflow efficiency, uncovering early diagnosis – advances in clinical expertise that was never possible before.
  • AI augments tedious human-driven processes, cloud computing in healthcare, and custom-built applications bring new astounding tools, and unexpected outcomes are now achievable.

Health Analytics, Precision Medicine, Biomedical Machine Reading

The transformation of modernization and innovation in AI is advancing our learning is the crowning achievement in human evolution with data being the driving force in helping to answer nearly impossible questions, before AI.  Big data applications identify the side effects of drugs; prevent premature death by early detection, data analysis techniques for fraud analysis. Insightful technology that helps in avoidable ER visits and explores cost-effective alternatives in healthcare and new life altering medical procedures.

  1. AI improves humanity with human-like tasks and processes – sorts out messy, unstructured data, clinical queries, and numerical operations.
  2. It is undeniably mind-blowing at the speed at which AI can calculate facts, figures, numbers, and statistical data that can be converted and processed into meaningful, understandable, and comprehensible results.
  3. A transformative technology gives scientists hope in curing diseases, treating mental illnesses better, and diagnosing disorders faster and with more accuracy.
  4. From Health Data – Targeted analytics, automated tasks, effective treatment, dissecting data sets, aggregating patient data by leveraging advanced analytics by correctly scrutinizing thousands of data points.
  5. Cost-effective solutions – administrative burdens are eliminated, integrated workflows and healthcare that brings faster diagnosis, accurate findings, and digital therapies with lower healthcare costs for better work-life and patient experience.

Diagnosing and Uncovering Treatments

These big tech giants are using Sterile Insect Techniques in mosquitoes to help control diseases, from malaria to the West Nile virus.

  1. ML algorithms, coupled with big data – AI for neurodegenerative movement disorders by providing scientists the framework to find predisposition, exploring health data trends to the proclivity in the development of Parkinson’s disease to Multiple Sclerosis.
  2. Google Health is combining machine learning and big data for diagnosing diabetic retinopathy and diabetes management. In addition to improving the effectiveness of broad screening programs from improved blood glucose control to reducing hypoglycemic episodes.
  3. Deep learning models help in reducing misdiagnosis, making accurate predictions to help aid in the proper steps for doctors – complications from diabetes are directly related to vision impairment.
  4. Google and Microsoft are building their tech products around the visually impaired or people with disabilities and support online learning and content exploration with digital accessibility and inclusion.
  5. Visual assistive technology is helping to aid in guiding the blind, and artificial intelligence is preventing blindness and the visually impaired. Machine learning utilized to automate the findings of eye diseases to guide scientists in a cure.

AI detects trends, identifies life-saving treatments to finding diseases and virus outbreaks. A rise in certain illnesses can now be predicted and fixed by offering personalized care through deep learning, predictive tracking, big data, and AI algorithms.

“The best AI strategy inspires a deeper learning, profound awareness and extreme understanding of everything around us. For a world of new and promising discovery, unearthing answers, and solving life’s greatest problems – we are in an age of altering transformation”

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