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Transportation Management Systems Consulting

Today’s global transportation leaders require real-time visibility to where freight is and when it will deliver along with any exceptions that might occur along the way.

Rising freight costs, lack of visibility (to both incoming shipments and shipments in transit), unpredictable fuel costs and tightening carrier capacity make transportation planning a headache that many organizations don’t have the resources to endure.

For many companies, transportation operations are simply not a core competency. Additionally, some companies do not have the scale nor the resources required to optimize transportation processes. These companies tend to substantially benefit from sourcing their operations to a more capable managed transportation provider.


App Support

Lower your costs, modernize your system and free up your internal IT department with a services firm who knows the industry and understands all of the challenges that you’re facing. With over twenty years of experience, we can help.

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You can get the real-time, split-second EDI help you need. We monitor all EDI transactions for our clients in real-time, respond to any translation errors quickly, and put permanent solutions in place.

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It’s easy enough to find Level 1 and Level 2 IT Support for your ITIL Service Desk, but finding Level 3 and Level 4 support who can rapidly evaluate root causes of problems and perform fast fixes can be difficult.

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Mobility, Telematics

Today’s global transportation leaders require real-time visibility to where freight is and when it will deliver along with any exceptions that might occur along the way.

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Reporting & Analytics

Get delivery statistics, transportation market margins, volume by vendor, volume by destination, equipment locations by GPS code and much more in an easy to visualize and understand dashboard palette.

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TMS & TMS Integration

With Aptude as your partner, we will help you significantly reduce your transportation expenses and ensure that shipments are delivered on time per your customer service requirements.

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Aptude is a transportation systems implementation and integration innovator with nearly 20 years of IT consulting experience.

Practical Industry experience includes…

• Intermodal Application Development, Integration and Support
• B2B/EDI 24/7/365 Support, Maintenance and Onboarding
• Transportation Management Support
• 24/7/365 Monitoring
• New Client Onboarding
• Existing Client Customization
• Integration with Various Enterprise Applications/Systems

• Customer Order Acquisition Processing
• 3rd Party Logistics Mobility Application
• Pricing and Rating Customization and Development
• Cross Dock Application Development/Support
• Fuel Management Development/Support
• Telematics Development/Integration/Support
• Legacy Transportation Application Management Systems
• Transportation and Logistics Mobile Development and Support
• Database Support and Apps Database Support (Around TMS)
• Gate Automation and Related Integration Knowledge Management
• SOA Integration & Legacy Transportation Support

Accelerate Change

Aptude caters to the logistics industry with key services to provide vital services to help eliminate downtime, reduce expenses, and visualize key data to operate efficiently among various teams within the organization. According to a Gartner survey, Ninety-seven percent of supply chains have experienced a disruptive event in the last two years, with the average number of events being four. Fifty-two percent have experienced these disruptions as high-impact events.

Development & Support

• Transportation Application Domain Knowledge
• Legacy Transportation Support Services
• B2B/EDI 24/7/365 Support
• Mobile Development and Support
• Reporting and Analytics
• Gate Automation and Integration Knowledge Management
• TMS Integration and Support
• Long-Term ITIL based Problem Management

Our managed transportation offerings provide you with:

• Access to real-time visibility into where freight is and when it will deliver.
• The ability to create customizable reports to track freight spend and other KPIs.
• Freight optimization to ensure it is planned and executed in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

With Aptude as your managed operations partner, we will help you significantly reduce your transportation expenses and ensure that shipments are delivered on time per your customer service requirements.

Application Support

Aptude provides full service application development and support specifically to the transportation industry. Our transportation and logistics clients include some of the most successful and well-known in the world. We unceasingly work with all of our partners to support a myriad of applications, analytics, interfaces, integrations and communications to better serve their needs.

• Incident Management
• Change Management
• Problem Management
• Event Management
• Knowledge Management
• Release Management
• Request Fulfillment
• Service Asset & Configuration Management
• Service Catalog
• Service Level Management
• Service Portfolio Management

Infrastructure Support

Without the right technology and tools, these complex environments can quickly become costly and inefficient. Let Aptude manage your infrastructure support.

Dedicated Services
• Business critical & customized services​
• Technology, environment complexity​
• Time critical projects​
• Audit requirements & control

Shared Services​
• Standardized tasks​
• Cost efficiencies​
• Optimal resource utilization​
• Flexibility & scalability​
• 24×7 coverage

Hybrid Services​
• Mix of complex and standardized tasks​
• Dedicated resources for some services​
• Flexibility and scalability

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Your Guide to Transportation & Logistics

Logistics is getting more complicated. In this easy-to-digest book, we will be covering how data creates competitive advantages and greater efficiency in transportation. We will also be looking at the top use cases and trends for both artificial intelligence and business intelligence in the logistics industry.


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