Microsoft Business Intelligence Consulting Services

Unleash Microsoft’s BI Platform including Power BI and get those Dynamic Dashboards built now

Let Aptude help you discover the powerful features of Microsoft business intelligence tools on Azure – providing scalability, integration, and accessibility for enterprises moving their data to the cloud.

As a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner and Azure re-seller, Aptude has the resources and capabilities to architect and deploy comprehensive BI solutions with Microsoft’s technology stack – whether your data is on-premise or in the cloud.

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Let’s face the facts, it takes a lot of training and discipline to become a Microsoft Gold Partner. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Aptude specializes in providing the most current Microsoft technology-based solutions to all of our clients. We can help you take full advantage of the cloud, opening a wide array of new opportunities for you to grow your business. We can carefully assess your goals, do the due diligence, identify a solution that meets all of your requirements. We can help your business become much more agile and efficient. It’s what we do.

If you’re using Microsoft’s Business Intelligence products, we have the tools and expertise to ensure it transforms business data into information that is easily accessible across the enterprise. Aptude is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner specializing in helping companies like yours achieve your high-ROI technical and business goals on-time, on-budget, and with the high quality deliverables that you and your organization depend on.

With a myriad of delivery model options including fixed cost, long-term sustained competency, and managed services, Aptude can provide a high-quality, cost-containment model that will service your needs

Enterprise Microsoft Power BI Case Study

One of the largest counties in the State of Georgia was in search of a Powerful Enterprise Dashboard and Reporting solution that would serve a number of audiences including Power Users, connect to a host of disparate data sources and provide accessibility from anywhere on any device.

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Aptude’s Power BI Services

Microsoft’s Power BI platform powerful data analytics insights that integrate with your existing data and platforms, providing your business with a comprehensive solution for reporting, transforming, and aggregating your data across the enterprise.

Partner with Aptude to implement and/or maintain your Power BI solution – our depth of expertise in integrating with industry leading data tools and providers allows us to apply our knowledge to your environment and provide the best reporting insights for your business users.

Get scalable storage without breaking the bank. As a Microsoft Gold Partner that sells, supports and develops on Microsoft technology, Aptude is uniquely qualified to provide your organization sales and support services as you purchase, develop and maintain your application on Azure. Try an agile platform to meet your needs.

Move your business intelligence to the cloud with Microsoft’s Azure platform

From Power BI integration to SQL Server reporting, to SQL Data Warehouse compatibility from industry leaders such as Informatica and Tableau, Azure provides a scalable, secure cloud platform deploy and automate your business intelligence solutions.

In addition to providing support of Azure as a platform, Aptude will help your organization migrate applications to the cloud while integrating seamlesly with your on-premise and back-office applications.

Aptude’s SQL Server & SQL Data Warehouse Consulting Services

As a Microsoft Gold Partner that sells, supports and develops on Microsoft technology, Aptude is uniquely qualified to provide your organization sales and support services as you purchase, develop and maintain your Microsoft Business Intelligence solution on SQL Server 2016. In addition to providing sales support, Aptude provides migration to SQL Server 2016 on Azure, assistance in upgrading from SQL Server 2008/2012 to SQL Server 2016, Data-Integration (ETL) services and also assist with a myriad of other reporting and analytical services including those for your mobile platforms.

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

By using SSRS, we enable your business users to access reports driven by real-time data. Your organization’s end-users will have the capability to build dynamic reports which they can utilize and distribute on-demand.

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SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

SSIS supports BI analysis by consolidating data from several sources, loading it onto a centralized operational database, and transferring to multiple destinations (such as SQL Server, Oracle, Excel, CSV, and Text files).

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SQL Server Analytic Services (SSAS)

By empowering end users to use business data to forecast and make better decisions, SSAS makes it easier for them to consolidate, manage and integrate their reporting capabilities into their daily business processes.

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Download Aptude’s whip-smart PowerBI eBook, where we extensively discuss the truths and myths regarding Business Intelligence. We also highlight many of Power BI’s Artificial Intelligence features that can enhance your organization and help you make better decisions. We also provide a quick list of benefits when utilizing Power BI, especially involving sentiment analysis.


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