Protect Your Business Data and Enable Remote Work with Microsoft Office 365

If you’re looking for someone to help you execute a complete and comprehensive migration to Office 365 – or maybe just need some help with licensing and support – then you need Aptude’s Microsoft Migration and Licensing Team at your side.

Like many companies running legacy versions of Microsoft Office on premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid solution, you probably already know the headaches that come with maintaining your legacy systems.


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When is it Time to Upgrade?

Growing Lack of Desired Features

Your employees may have already complained about the lack of features and integrations in the older versions of Office, especially the AI-driven and collaboration-enhancing tools like Delve, Yammer, or Teams. The loss of productivity over time probably can’t be measured – unlike your employee’s dissatisfaction with their toolset.

Rising Troubleshooting Tickets

As the systems get older, they need more and more patches and troubleshooting to maintain uptime. Troubleshooting ActiveSync, SSL Certificates, server incompatibilities, and more are getting more and more costly, time consuming, and downtown-inducing. The costs will only rise as time passes.

Rising Server Maintenance and Environment Costs

Then there’s the physical maintenance of the server environment and the servers. The extra procedures, the security, the training, and utility costs… all of it adds up to a high infrastructure bill.

Increasing risks of downtime and failures

The last thing you need is to face a permanent failure, risking data corruption or loss in all areas that rely on those systems. Downtime means lost business from emails that don’t get sent, documents which can’t be worked on, the intranet which can’t serve as a resource. All of that adds up.

Increasing difficulty justifying the cost savings

And then there’s the difficulty in justifying the cost savings. It might have made sense 10 years ago to purchase a box and get years of use out of your license. Now, the extra expenses associated with maintaining Office on-prem quickly outpace the savings compared to moving to O365.

Remote Work Inefficiencies

The sudden jump to remote work may be straining the limits of how well your existing apps work and scale… especially if your users need to be on VPN in order to work.

Your Business Runs Faster with Microsoft Office 365

Time is money. And one way to get more of it is to use more efficient, time-saving tools that are easier to support, less costly to maintain, and which facilitate collaboration across your entire organization whether everyone’s onsite or working remotely.

The Benefits of Migrating to Microsoft Office 365

Fully Scalable Infrastructure

Microsoft 365 is a scalable, affordable alternative to expensive server environments and maintenance. And when you need to scale up or down, the transparent, flexible licensing makes it easy to do so without heavy penalties. So in an up economy or down, you will always be able to keep moving forward.

Modern Cloud Environment

With O365, your company can now work in ways your employees and customers already recognize and want: in the cloud. Your applications and data are seamlessly accessible from almost anywhere and safely backed up on the cloud, allowing your employees to work from anywhere and keep your business moving forward.

Rich Collaboration Capabilities

Digital transformation means working in ways that are agile and above all, collaborative. Microsoft Office 365 has many built-in and cross-application ways to collaborate. Whether it’s commenting in Teams, checking out files in SharePoint, connecting on Yammer, or easily finding files in Delve, O365 has you covered.

Go from Cost Center to Profit Center

Maintenance is easier with O365. That’s because unlike other alternatives, with O365 much of the heavy lifting is done for you. So your IT team can spend more time on value-added projects and less time “keeping the lights on”.

Office 365 Suite Choices

Office 365 allows for greater flexibility with the new Office 365 Business plans

As you grow and your technology needs change, you can move your company (or just specific users) to an Enterprise plan, a different Business plan, or even add solutions like Project, Visio, Dynamics CRM Online and more.

Aptude Gives You a Smooth Transition to O365, No Matter How You’d Like to Migrate

We simplify the process for any upgrade, migration, or implementation of Microsoft’s product suite by bringing nearly two decades of experience in delivering complex IT Solutions to our many satisfied clients. Your migration could take one of the following forms, depending on your unique situation:

Cutover Migration Model

In this model, we move everyone over at once: all the data, mailboxes, applications, and features to Office 365. This migration works well for organizations that don’t have a lot of content and data to move over.

Phased Migration Model

In the phased migration model, we migrate the solutions in smaller stages. This model is perfect for highly complex migrations with large amounts of data, integrations, features, and content.

Dual Migration Model

The dual migration model is a hybrid migration that distributes Microsoft services between on-premises and Office 635. This model is valuable for organizations that need to keep certain portions of the business on-premises due to compliance or governance reasons.

Brands You Trust Move Forward with Aptude

With all the Microsoft Gold Partners you could choose from, why choose Aptude? Like many technology partners you’re probably looking at, we bring over 20 years of Microsoft experience to the table. Our global team has helped with migrations of all types. We’ve also simplified complex projects and executed on successful projects

Upgrades & Migrations

  • Retain existing users, storage, and databases
  • Modernize your services – cloud services, enhanced usability, and new features
  • Employ enhanced security and data protection

Development & Integrations

  • Custom application development and integration with other services
  • Data transformation for platform compatibility
  • Development of mobile applications

Implementation of Services

  • New architecture and service delivery
  • Setup users, backups, applications, and databases
  • Migration and/or integration from existing platforms

O365 Migration is More Affordable Than You Might Believe

We get it. One obstacle to migration is the cost. It probably seems easier to hope and pray that your on-premise solution will hold out another year than face the unknown of migrating to O365. Fact is, migration can be more affordable and painless than you might think. Click the button below to get a no-obligation estimation of your migration project.

Get a Microsoft Office 365 Migration Quote today by scheduling a quick call.

Why Industry Leaders Trust Aptude Consulting

We’ve worked with some of the best of the best for many reasons, but the most commonly cited is how easy we make complex projects.

Consider Aptude as your own personal IT professional services firm. We provide our clients with first class resources in an agile, continuous, and cost-containment fashion.

Our support services will free up your senior IT staff from the overwhelming burden of day-to-day maintenance issues. Now they’ll have time to launch those new projects and applications you’ve been waiting for. Simply put, we can free up your resources and contain your costs.

And for many organizations, that starts with Microsoft 365 migration and support.

Your Organization’s Future Depends on Being Agile, Responsive, and Collaborative

We can’t say whether remote-first is here to stay. What we can say is that employees and customers alike are clamoring for fast, personalized, cloud-based experiences from wherever they are. And if you’re on Microsoft, that means migrating to Microsoft 365 which enables collaboration and remote work no matter where in the world your employees are located.

Frequently Asked Questions About Aptude’s Microsoft O365 Migration Program

Can we migrate with minimal downtime?
Yes! We work to minimize interruptions as much as possible.

Can we migrate on a weekend?
Absolutely. This migration timing is very common so as to not inconvenience your workforce and interrupt business during normal business hours.

What if our migration scenario doesn’t fit any of the options above?
Every situation is unique, as is every migration. We specialize in making the complex simple.

We need some O365 user support after the migration. Can you help?
Yes! We offer Level 1-4 Microsoft support. We can work post-migration support into the project. Talk to us to learn more.

How communicative are you when we’re working together?
Very! Our clients appreciate that our agile ways of working include regular touchpoints with your team. You’ll never be left in the dark about your project’s status or what we’re doing to advance your project forward.

How much will it cost to work with you?
We prioritize cost-containment, so it will likely cost less than you expect to work with our team. And migrating to Office 365 will definitely cost less over time than maintaining highly expensive on-premise solutions. Contact us to get a custom quote.

We’ve experienced a stalled migration. Can you pick up where we left off?
Of course! It’s not uncommon that migration projects become too big for an in-house IT team to handle. We can pick up where your team left off to finish the job exactly as your stakeholders want.

We have compliance worries with our data. Is this something you’re familiar with?
Yes. We take data privacy and compliance very seriously. Let’s discuss your concerns in more detail on a call.

How soon can we get started?
We can start quickly – often within weeks. Let us know your timelines when we connect.

What’s the best way to start a conversation with you about working together?
The best way to get started is to book a meeting using the calendar. But you can always call us at (630) 692-6700 or email the team at

A Global, 10 Billion dollar Packaging Client turned to Aptude for superior Bilingual Hypercare Support

In 2020, a 10 Billion dollar, Global Packaging company and client of Aptude’s underwent a merger. As part of the changes, the entire company had to merge into a single Microsoft instance. Microsoft licensing and tenants had to seamlessly merge without loss of employee productivity or customer impact. To make the complicated project even more complex, the migration had to happen across several regions, including in North and South America. This meant competent service desk support in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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Remember… Your Organization’s Future Depends on Being Agile, Responsive, and Collaborative

If you’re looking for someone to help you execute a complete and comprehensive migration to Office 365 – or maybe just need some help with licensing and support – then you need Aptude’s Microsoft Migration and Licensing Team at your side.

Running legacy versions of Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Server? Are you ready to move from COST CENTER to PROFIT CENTER with your IT spending? When you move to Office 365, you can stop maintaining old systems and move on to more important projects.

Discover how Aptude can help you migrate with minimal downtime and maximum savings. Let’s have a quick chat to discuss.