Microsoft Power Platform is a set of applications that is made up of four major components: Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents. If your organization is already utilizing one or two of these apps, there are many benefits to connecting them together and under Power Platform to really streamline operations.

Data under One Platform

If you haven’t identified what datasets you need to keep track of and monitor to ensure every facet of the business is running smoothly, Power Platform creates a 360 degree view into your data to properly manage all of the data being collected. Dirty data is something that will cost a business a lot of revenue and with Power Platform, this can be managed properly and efficiently. Dirty data is data that is inconsistent, not complete, or inaccurate. According to Experian reports, dirty data costs the average business 15 percent to 25 percent of revenue. Further it’s estimated that 60 percent of dirty data is caused by human error, so having a strong data strategy in place is critical and Power Platform provides that single source of truth into your data to help avoid these issues.

Pumps Value into Your Operations

While operating with this whole ecosystem of tools, it allows your team to easily create and pull critical visualizations to certain datasets. Data is constantly at your fingertips and with PowerApps, you can generate custom apps to help make important data-based actions. You can pull all of the data possible, but if you don’t put it to work, then what’s the point? Power BI is there to tap into that data, create those visualizations and share them with the relevant team members to prevent downtime, do maintenance, and take action before something becomes a serious issue. For example, if certain sensors on a machine are malfunctioning, these visualizations can make it easy for anyone (not just data science experts) to understand what is happening and what needs to be done to fix the problem and fast.

Cost Savings

A 2021 Forrester report showed that PowerApps and PowerAutomate reduced application development cost and development by 70%. A big reason behind this is because of the low- or no-code requirements when it comes to app development with these apps. Sometimes the biggest barrier is the whole implementation process and with Power Platform and the right IT partner, organizations can quickly start realizing massive ROI and operational savings. Once implemented, employees can make smart decisions quickly. With Power BI, anyone within the organization can create reports and case studies have shown that many organizations have realized cost savings with a variety of processes including scheduling, project estimates, time tracking and overall production planning. By adopting PowerAutomate, many organizations find it unnecessary to use costly third-party applications and can avoid having to pay thousands in licensing fees.

Streamline and Automate

For the most part, it would be safe to say that if you were to ask anyone to come up with multiple reports tracking a variety of datasets, they might internally scream their way through the process. However, with Power Platform and utilizing Power BI, reports, visualizations and custom dashboards can be generated with a few clicks with the ability to apply necessary filters for different departmental reports.

One of the most important benefits of Power Platform is that it supports remote working wherever your team members might be located- 2020 certainly pushed this ability into being a necessity. Power Platform allows your team to always be connected through cloud-based or desktop solutions and on whatever device they have to keep tabs on certain projects.

Not only is it easy to pull different reports yourself, but in the digital age where machine learning and AI efforts are increasing, Power Platform’s components with robotic process automation with PowerAutomate and smartbots with Power Virtual Assistant, an organization can work even more efficiently by automating certain processes. According to Harvard Business Review, 36 percent of executives said that their primary goal for incorporating AI is to optimize internal business operations by supporting automating business processes, engaging with customers and employees and gaining insights through data analysis.

Maximize Security Efforts

Power Platform spares no effort in protecting a user’s data by implementing double encryption, embedded identity management, and multi-factor authentication. There are also predefined security roles allowing access to certain individuals, enabling them to perform tasks needed. You can also customize or configure your own security roles to minimize access. According to a report by Bitglass, 61 percent of companies have had an insider attack in the past year. Having the ability to control who has access to certain reports and data is critical to help prevent security issues from happening.

While users can use the individual applications themselves, connecting and using them together creates a unified system for the organization and Power Platform allows users to get the most ROI out of their collected data.

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