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Mobility, Telematics

Telematics gathers data using GPS technology and sensors to provide operators with critical information to manage their fleet effectively while also reducing costs by utilizing this actionable data.

With telematics devices installed in the vehicle or asset, insights are being collected constantly to ensure fleets are operating at peak performance at all times. With data becoming more visible even when trucks are out on the road, the expertise of Aptude can help you understand and build visual dashboards wherever your team or clients may be located. Support services provided by Aptude will allow stakeholders to realize what they’ve been missing to repair what might be broken with telematics when it comes to proper budgeting and providing an end-to-end solution.


About Telematics

Telematics is a technology that will be reaching universal adoption in the logistic industry- so if your organization isn’t diving into how your fleet of trucks is using these systems to track and monitor, you’re missing out on a lot of data to optimize operations. Telematics systems allow organizations to pump value and efficiency into operations by:

  • Managing vehicles remotely
  • Creates visibility into driver behavior
  • Vehicle activity and location
  • Engine diagnostics and maintenance data
  • Reducing fuel costs by tracking fuel consumption
  • Increased communication and safety
  • Increased mobility

According to benchmark reports, 86% of fleets now use telematics, up from 48% two years ago and 82% in 2018. That being said, despite the benefits of telematics, on average companies only use a few of the many benefits telematics offers – a big missed opportunity out of the overall technology investment organizations are making. Aptude can help boost that ROI to maximize your investment and realize all of the benefits.

Next Gen Fleet Management

Once a telematics system is in place, it’s critical to adopt and utilize the solution properly to fully take advantage of the organization’s investment. The data is only going to help if key decision-makers understand the collected data and that data can be visualized from anywhere. Many telematics solutions provide real-time insights to respond rapidly to certain traffic, route or weather conditions. Fleet operators can receive instant alerts for truck maintenance needs, speeding, and route optimization.

Increase Mobility and Scale Up

Insights driven by telematics allows the transportation and logistics industry in particular to be more flexible and pivot where necessary based on market conditions. There are many departments within a transportation/logistics operation, and understanding how this technology can provide preventive and predictive maintenance solutions involves partnering with an expert IT group that is a leader in optimizing these solutions to your business. With increased connectivity among all of your assets, customers can have increased visibility into tracking and scheduling and as a result, increased customer service.

Aptude provides expertise to decrease your organization’s blind spots and understand the business intelligence that is behind telematics.

Logistic Case Study

Dynamic routing and pricing can be a challenge for even the largest of trucking firms. That was the case with one large client of ours: they were doing some things programmatically internally, but it wasn’t efficient, dynamic, or all-encompassing. And with human interaction with the routing, there’s invariably only so many data points that can be addressed in the decision-making process… and humans are biased. They wanted a robust, dynamic, and real time scheduling algorithm that factored in a number of historical data points.

They also wanted to avoid the long delays caused by spending hours or even days to find the record and rules that the scheduler was using and then fix that algorithm. They wanted a programmatic way to speed data processing, improve decision-making quality, and decrease the historical evaluation time.


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