Many organizations these days want and have to out of necessity, to increase the amount of actionable data that is being collected whether it’s to measure productivity, maintenance monitoring, or ROI on automation efforts. There is more demand now than ever to be able to not only collect that data, but translate it into a way that can be digested by someone who is not a data scientist- but someone who is a key stakeholder that doesn’t know how to translate raw data. Microsoft of course has software and services that focus on turning data into beautiful visualizations that are easy to understand and act upon, but it’s important to know what tools you need to perform certain tasks. Microsoft’s Power BI Embedded is specifically designed for developers and software companies who want to embed their visualizations into web or mobile applications. But you might ask, “How is this different from Power BI?” Let’s dive in.

A Microsoft Azure service, Microsoft’s Power BI Embedded allows developers to input those beautiful Power BI reports and visualizations into their organization’s own applications or customer-facing reports with the powerful analytics tools Power BI has to offer in mobile or web applications. As humans, we can digest more information when it’s not in a text format. According to the American Management Association, A Wharton School of Business study found that using data visualizations could shorten business meetings by 24 percent. Further, companies who utilize advanced analytics capabilities like the ones Microsoft BI Embedded offer, are twice as likely to have superior financial performance, are likely to use data more frequently when making decisions and improved execution, and at an increased pace.

Increase Efficiencies within Your Organization

Aesthetics aside, Power BI Embedded will save your development team a lot of time. That time can now be spent on other projects that demand attention. This is a game-changer if resources are limited or if you have a lean development team. Power BI Embedded allows users to have interactive reports and dashboards without having to concern your development team with a lot of maintenance and building those reports themselves.

Since Power BI Embedded is an Azure service, users will need an Azure subscription to start and reports are still authored in Power BI Desktop. Power BI Embedded offers solutions for your customer’s or for your own organization. Embed for your organization will require each app author/builder to have a Power BI license, but report consumers don’t need one- which will also definitely reduce costs since these report authors are usually a smaller group of people within the organization.

Power BI Embedded allows you to set up strategic self-service reporting for customers or internal teams. One report can be created using row-level security that only allows users to view the data they have permission to see. Features like this reduces the number of reports to maintain overall- again increasing efficiencies within the organization. Enterprises overall have seen a huge increase in BI tools-a huge driver was COVID-19. By 2023, over 33 percent of large-sized businesses will practice decision intelligence that is a result of using these powerful BI tools and services.

Understand the difference between Power BI and Power BI Embedded

Microsoft has many business intelligence services to explore and while they may sound the same, it’s critical to know what your needs are first in order to identify the right tool. As previously mentioned, Power BI Embedded is for developers who build applications and want to use third-party BI offerings to visualize the application data instead of doing it themselves. Power BI on the other hand is a software-as-a-service analytics solution that provides organizations with a view of their important data. Need an extra security blanket? With Power BI’s Publish to web option, if the URL to a report gets out, anyone can see that data without authentication. When a user is working with Power BI Embedded, if someone has the JavaScript code, they do not have access without authenticating- security is always there. An organization’s data should always be on lockdown for a number of reasons. Compromised data could be catastrophic to the organization.

Power BI Embedded Generation 2

Another exciting development is that Power BI Embedded Generation 2 (Embedded Gen2) is currently in preview mode and has even more benefits to users that were holding some back in Gen 1 including:

  • Improved performance with capacity size. Operations will not slow down if capacity approaches the capacity limits.
  • No limits on refresh concurrency
  • Separation between report interaction and scheduled refreshes
  • Tracking schedules for datasets that are being refreshed on your capacity no longer needs to occur
  • Improved metrics
  • Zero scaling downtime
  • Scale a resource instantaneously

Another benefit Power BI Embedded has is that since it supports session-level JavaScript configuration of options and context menu actions separately for each visualization in a report, this provides more control over which actions a user can perform with each visualization in a report, including scheduling auto emails with exported data on a daily or weekly basis.

The Power BI Embedded Scheduled Refresh REST API also allows for dynamic configuration of the data refresh schedule. Having this allows for automated changes or updating many datasets at once.

According to BI Survey, 70 percent of organizations think that data discovery and visualization are vital. Visualizing data is the key for an organization to not have a full staff of data scientists to analyze the data. Using a powerful tool like Power BI Embedded will allow your organization to increase efficiencies, responsiveness, and decisiveness across the enterprise.

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