In November of 2021, Aptude was named 2021 PPM Partner of the Year by Smartsheet.

Smartsheet recognizes their global partner community with awards, in which a total of nine Partner of the Year awards were given this year in various categories. As well-performing partners are considered an integral part of Smartsheet’s eco-system, awards are given for what are considered to be solution-oriented implementations that encapsulate the best that Smartsheet’s tools offer.

Smartsheet recognized Aptude team-lead Mehul Merchant and the entire Aptude team for providing exceptional client value to some of Smartsheet’s largest, most strategic customers. Aptude was also praised for their collaborative working relationship with Smartsheet’s sales team.

“Working with Smartsheet enables us to provide our clients with efficient workflow solutions that save time and optimize the human-capital they already have,” said Erich DeJesus, Chief Architect at Aptude. “This recognition from Smartsheet further solidifies our approach to helping our clients, and Smartsheet customers, make the most of the great teams they have built and nurtured.”

The Partner of the Year Awards were presented by Steve Stewart, Global Channel Chief, and Mike Arntz, CRO & EVP WW Field Ops.


About Smartsheet (from the website)
“At Smartsheet, our mission is to empower anyone to drive meaningful change – for themselves, their businesses and even for the world. Simply working harder is not enough to be successful against a shifting economic landscape. That’s why we are committed to helping everyone transform their approach to work in order to help them achieve what matters most. By changing the way the world works, we believe we can change the world.”

About Aptude
Aptude is an IT consulting firm incorporated in 2000. Our business model has two distinct focuses that blend together to meet our customers’ diverse needs. We provide clients across multiple industries with quality IT professionals and consultants to assist them in creating innovative business solutions. Whether you need to hire IT staff, fill a temporary development position, or piece together a project team, you can depend on Aptude to deliver results.

Working within the complementary spaces of IT consulting/development and IT staffing, we’re able to leverage our knowledge, experience, resources, and expertise in project management to find the best solutions for our clients.