Discover How AptudeFlex Removes the 7 Risks Normally Associated with Outsourcing Your Transportation & Logistics Projects

With the current developer crunch, finding highly qualified yet affordable data scientists and full stack developers can be a challenge.

That’s why many turn to offshore outsourcing to fill the talent gap. If that’s you, keep reading to discover how you can take advantage of AptudeFlex to keep your big data or full stack projects rolling without any of the risks normally associated with outsourcing your development team offshore.

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Aptude is a transportation systems implementation and integration innovator with nearly 20 years of IT consulting experience.

Practical Industry experience includes…

– Intermodal Application Development, Integration and Support
– B2B/EDI 24/7/365 Support, Maintenance and Onboarding
– Transportation Management Support “TMS” with 24/7/365 Monitoring
– Customer Order Acquisition Processing
– Transportation and Logistics Mobile Development and Support
– Pricing and Rating Customization and Development
– Cross Dock Application Development/Support
– Fuel Management Development/Support
– Legacy Transportation Application Management Systems
– Database Support and Apps Database Support (Around TMS)
– Gate Automation and Related Integration Knowledge Management
– SOA Integration & Legacy Transportation Support

Nearshore, Offshore, Onshore
– What’s the Difference?

There are three ways to outsource your tech project: onshore, offshore, and nearshore.

Onshore Outsourcing

Onshore outsourcing is staffing done with resources here in the United States. Per-hour salaries can be as high as $67-$150 an hour, with higher per-hour pricing for more experienced developers and if you’re using a software consulting firm. Communication and time zones are easier to navigate, however this benefit comes at a higher cost.

Offshore Outsourcing

Offshore outsourcing is staffing done with resources not in the United States, usually in Asia and India. Per-hour salaries average around $30 an hour, but the risks are greater and communication is more difficult and time zones are farther apart.

Nearshore Outsourcing

Nearshore outsourcing is the best of both worlds, with staffing done with resources close to the United States in Mexico and Latin America. Per-hours salaries average around $38-$40 an hour in time zones shared by US companies.

Avoid the 7 Risks of Outsourcing Software Developers

When applicable, we value and strive for high-quality onshore development using Aptude’s experienced U.S. based team. However we also recognize that at times other options may be necessary due to budget or hiring limitations. Here are the 7 risks of outsourcing your software projects, and how AptudeFlexTM mitigates each one.

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Risk 1: High Hourly Cost
Risk 2: Time Zone Differences
Risk 3: Not Agile Enough
Risk 4: Language Barriers
Risk 5: Culture Barriers
Risk 6: Knowledge Transfer
Risk 7: Questionable Code Quality

Risk 1

High Hourly Cost

Onshore outsourcing especially can be an expensive affair; per-hour fees can be $67-$150 an hour, or more for obscure talent or expensive enterprise software. The risk of projects costing double or even triple what was originally budgeted is a distinct possibility, especially if the project hits a snag in development.

With offshore outsourcing, the per-hour pricing is good… but communication often isn’t. So work that should only be done once might have to be done two or three times, causing delays, rework, and extra expense.

With Aptude Nearshore Software Developers, this risk is reduced because developers speak English and work in the same time zone, so delays and miscommunication is less frequent. Yet the costs are comparable to offshore, which means that you are more likely to stay on time and in budget with nearshore resources.

Risk 2

Time Zone Differences

With traditional offshore software developers in Asia, the time zone difference can be a struggle. This difference leads to lags in communication and code review, causing delays by default. With Aptude Nearshore Development, your developers are working in the same or nearly the same time zones as you. Meetings, code reviews, and project discussions happen same day and at times that work for both parties.

Risk 3

Not Agile Enough

One natural consequence of offshore outsourcing and the time delays is the inability to be agile enough. It can be hard to pivot when regular communication takes days, and scheduling big meetings can take a week. With Aptude Nearshore, your developers are agile-trained and available to meet same-day, just like your onsite developers.

Risk 4

Language Barriers

The language barrier: it’s not a problem with onshore outsourcing, but can be with offshore. Heavy accents and ESL communication means that project discussions, expectations, and documentation is just a little bit harder than it should be. With Aptude Nearshore Outsourcing, you get the best of both worlds: affordable resources and English fluency.

Risk 5

Culture Barriers

Traditional offshore software developers can also present a culture barrier, with differences in values, religion, language, and ways of working. With Aptude Nearshore, your outsourced fullstack or Python developers are more closely aligned with American culture. They understand the language and are familiar with American values, faith, language, and culture norms. This makes communication between teams – especially diverse teams – that much easier.

Risk 6

Knowledge Transfer

A sixth risk of offshore outsourcing is knowledge transfer when you have to scale down. One issue we saw with our clients in early 2020 is that clients needed to ramp down for a short period while they navigated budget changes amid COVID-19. When they were ready to ramp up, staffing firms were unable to provide similar resources… and project knowledge was lost. With Nearshore by Aptude, we keep team members long-term. Your former project manager will keep your knowledge safe, so when you’re ready to start again you can pick up where you left off… often with the same team.

Risk 7

Questionable Code Quality

Finally, code quality is another risk of using an outsourced team. Our Mexico City Center of Excellence in Python and full stack means that we’ve made an investment in delivering high quality code, now and in the future. Our staff stay with us for the long-term and we have built in code reviews that help ensure we’re meeting your requirements. And if for some reason there’s an issue? You’ll know exactly who to talk to because our leadership team is heavily involved in each project from the get-go.

The AptudeFlex Process

The Process

Providing you with a single-source lead/coordinator who will help with collaboration, communication and final deliverables, you can rest assured that you will no longer be focused on resources, just quality deliverables.

Working Agile – We work as you do, Fast, Collaboratively, Lean, Agile so that we can plan/design, develop, test, re-develop, implement and repeat. Our teams both onshore and nearshore follow your working schedule and are constantly striving to increase velocity and quality.

In this environment where most are remote you need a team who “working remote” is their business. We strive to make nearshore as onshore as possible. Why not take advantage of the cost advantages and years of remote work experience while saving on development cost.

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Only AptudeFlex Scales With You In BOTH Directions

The benefit of AptudeFlex is simple. We are here to support your needs and your scaling timeline, not ours. If you need to ramp up quickly, our +1 and +2 resource model means we have qualified development resources at the ready to scale up with you.

And when you’re ready to scale down? No problem. Our “Knowledge Bank” stores your project information so that when you’re ready to work with us again, we can pick back up where we left off, often with the same development team you had before.

Even better, you get a dedicated Project Lead and direct access to Aptude’s leadership team to meet as often as needed to ensure your project works as smoothly as possible.

Read what one transportation company had to say about how we applied this model to help them with bilingual service desk support – FAST. >>>

The Benefits of Aptude Nearshore Software Developers

Start Work Within 2 Weeks

Bilingual (Spanish/English)

Similar Culture

Similar Time Zones

Agile Trained Developers

Affordable Hourly Costs

Python Center of Excellence

Dedicated Project Manager

Not a Staffing Firm

We Have Years of Industry Experience In…

Speciality Retail
Shipping & Logistics

AptudeFlex Will Bring the Win and You’ll be the VIP

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