SAP Gives You Speed, Agility and Adaptability

With SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence, you can make the best decisions critical for success.

You need a powerful dynamic suite for reporting, visualization, and sharing real-time business intelligence. With our help, you can utilize the power of SAP to transform your data into critical actionable insights, available when and where you need it most. If your business is reliant on SAP’s software solutions, you’ll need a smart team that intimately understands SAP that will execute your business-minded vision. Aptude can help.

Real Data, Real Value in Real Time

Did you know 95% of businesses lack the expertise or budget to adequately deal with their large amounts of unstructured data? In the end, your data needs provide the information you need to advance your objectives. With SAP, you can capitalize on the real value of all your data from a broad array of sources using a flexible platform to ensure your decision makers have real-time access. Our extensive suite of business intelligence applications will work with any number of users using multiple tools and interfaces. Reduce wait time for data handling and enable intelligent automation, with high-volume data processing. Capitalize on the full value of all your data with Aptude.

We can get your project moving quickly with a bit of discovery, applied methodology and specialized services.

Agility, Adaptability & Speed

SAP is a world-renowned enterprise software juggernaut with a strong global presence and a large ecosystem of customers and partners in both technology and implementation. Aptude is one of the best. With us, you can increase growth potential with advanced analytics, create critical data applications, and even reinvent your business with RPA and machine learning. With our technical assistance, you can connect your SAP, non-SAP applications and data sources to reduce overall costs for data integration, transformation and extraction.

Always on the Move

Maybe you need increased visibility for your supply chain solution? Perhaps you need to consolidate your data to obtain true consistency using AP BW/4HANA as a packaged data warehouse? We can easily streamline your process and support innovations with a single source for real-time insights with a variety of SAP functional modules at our disposal.

Sometimes you simply need implementation and reliable support of your SAP projects. Or maybe it’s a techno-functional SAP specialist that understands both the functional and technical aspects of SAP. Whether you need help in ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) or a talented SAP PI/PO (Process Integration / Process Orchestration) Developer on-site, Aptude has your back. We can convert business data into business value. Let us show you how.

Aptude works on following SAP modules:

Aptude works on following SAP modules:

A Message about the Value of AptudeFlex + Nearshore

  • From Guy DeRosa, Senior Vice President, Aptude Inc.

“Prior to our clients utilizing Aptude Flex and our MSM model, the manager typically was involved and charged with identifying the right resource, managing his/her work and making sure he or she was productive. In many cases the manager(s) would hire across a diverse set of consulting firms, which was a lot to manage. There was a perception that since the manager made the final call on the contract-hire, that the quality of work would be strong.

In this model, what happens, however, is that the management team becomes responsible to make sure the contracted resources are working, adding value, keeping busy, being productive. The IT Consulting firm in most cases got a free pass in making sure their respective resource was productive. Furthermore, guess what would happen when the work slowed down and they found a resource being idle? In many cases, they would let that sub-contractor terminate and the embedded knowledge of months, maybe years of work would walk right out the door with that IT contractor. This became even more pervasive when multiple IT consulting firms were used. Who retained the knowledge?

In the Aptude model, the client’s focus moves away from managing the resource to a mindset and culture of having the client focus on the deliverables. Instead of micro-managing contractors, management can focus on big picture questions like,

  • Are the deliverables provided in timely and quality-based fashion?
  • Are we meeting strategic goals and objectives for this project?
  • What objectives do we need to meet next?

In this new model, it’s Aptude’s job to manage the resource, the velocity, and the deliverables. Aptude becomes accountable.

Furthermore, since Aptude selects, manages and takes an active part in the sprints, the knowledge is not compromised when the client needs to ramp down. The knowledge doesn’t walk out the door.

Another benefit of this enmeshed model is cost containment. In the old model, the client would choose the resource and modality and since they wanted to make sure quality was high, they would prefer onsite. It is easier to manage quality when the resource is within the entity. Unfortunately, that benefit also comes with a high-cost constraint. If Aptude can choose the resource and oversees the deliverables, Aptude can also manage the type and work-location of the resources. This shifting of control brings with it cost savings which is passed to the client.

This model is not just beneficial for the build of applications, but it is superior for the run. All applications eventually go to support-mode where potential enhancements are needed or bug-fixes, problem management occurs. With a build in team of knowledgeable resources, in many cases we see high-quality support that is at a fraction of the cost of having an onsite associate driven team.

Also, what do you prefer your current strategic IT associates doing? Should you have them support applications for part (or all) of their day, maybe their night… and then transition to strategic work? Or should they just focus on strategic work? Which one is more productive?

Furthermore, does it make sense to pay high-cost IT associate rates to support your applications when a more affordable, possibly retainer, model with quality resources will manage perfectly well? For most of our clients, the answer is no. The best choice is Aptude Flex.”

Guy DeRosa, Vice President

How Aptude Can Help

Are you open to saving money on your next .NET project by using qualified nearshore resources in Mexico City?

If so, we have a growing Center of Excellence in Mexico City we can leverage to help you affordably get project work done not just in .NET, but in a range of technologies and solutions including:

  • Python, .NET, and SQL
  • Data Science
  • Business Intelligence and Dashboarding
  • Microsoft PowerBI
  • Microsoft stack, including O365, SharePoint, and Microsoft Project
  • Microsoft Migrations or Support
  • Full Stack Development
  • SAP, EDI, and Database Help
  • ITSM / Service Desk / Legacy Application Support

It’s all thanks to our proprietary Aptude Flex Project Success Model and our highly qualified technology staff. Click here to learn more about how our process saves you time and money over traditional time and materials, or fill out the form below to get our .NET info sheet and request a follow-up from the team.