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Aptude brings two decades of IT Consulting experience to our Data Science and Big Data practice. Our service offerings exceed expectations, from our Proof of Concept offering to our retained competency model. With expertise in R, Python, SAS, Hadoop Aptude can help you get your Data Science project completed now!

Aptude’s Data Science and Big Data services offer integration with your existing data sources. We leverage our partnerships with Hortonworks, MAPR, and Cloudera to bring comprehensive solutions for the enterprise. In addition, Aptude can help you ramp up your project needs by providing a talented, experienced professional who will be capable and valuable to you and your team.

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Big Data Business Intelligence Integrations

By combining our expertise in data transformation and integration, Aptude can seamlessly import your big data feed into your existing business intelligence solution. As an Oracle and Microsoft gold partner, we have the qualifications to integrate with Enterprise reporting solutions, including OBIEE, Microsoft’s Power BI, and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).

Are decision-makers getting their pressing questions answered in a timely manner – or is data taking too long to process? Are the answers they’re looking for hidden within datasets your current infrastructure doesn’t “touch” or “connect?”

We’ll help you evaluate your current data management and BI system—and identify ways Data Science, Predictive Analytics and Big Data technology can benefit your organization—creating competitive advantage or resolving challenges you might be facing

What’s on your BI “wish list?” What’s the ideal way for your IT organization to manage data and address support issues? How would you like your data management budget and infrastructure to look?

These are all important considerations in helping you find value in a Big Data solution. We’ll work together to create a vision—to define the types of answers and insights your leaders want at their fingertips.

After obtaining an understanding of your requirements, we architect a unique big data solution that integrates with your existing technical environment.

Some clients may want to have a demonstration of a big data solution before moving forward with an implementation, which is why we also offer a 4-6 week Proof of Concept (POC) phase which will provide a low-cost validation to stake-holders including Sr. Management and IT.

Predictive Analytics and Big Data

If you’re not using the data you have in all the ways you want to, you just might have an opportunity to embrace Predictive Analytics and Big Data. Our process of working with clients on their Data Science and Big Data initiatives begins by educating you on Big Data and exploring how it may apply to your company. With use cases from varies industries, we’ll bring Big Data concepts to life and see where there might be value in introducing this new form of data management to your organization.

With a myriad of delivery model options including fixed cost, long-term sustained competency, and managed services, Aptude can provide a high-quality, cost-containment model that will service your needs.

Data Science and Predictive Analytics Staffing Specialists

By combining our expertise in Business Intelligence with Predictive Analytics, AI, Data Science Aptude leverages years of delivery experience to provide Data Scientist specialists for your contingent staffing Data Science demands. With in-house experts in Python, R, Hadoop, Forecast and Predictive Modeling you can be assured that your project will get off to a great start wtih experienced resources who add value immediately.

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Discover Aptude’s Hadoop Big Data Solutions

Aptude provides the experience and knowledge of software integrations within complex environments required to properly integrate and implement Hadoop solutions. By leveraging our partnerships with HortonWorks, MAPR, Cloudera, Microsoft, and Oracle, Aptude has a comprehensive set of tools and services available at our disposal for Hadoop implementations into any environment.

Hadoop Case Study

Learn how we helped a leader in the Transportation and Logistics domain address their Big Data Challenge.

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