Aptude’s Cross-platform & Native Mobile App Development Services

Native Multi-platform Mobile Apps

Our framework of choice for native mobile applications is Xamarin using Microsoft’s Visual Studio or Xamarin Studio. Xamarin’s solution suite includes automated testing with Xamarin Test Cloud, and analytics with Xamarin Insights. With no compromise on performance and 100% API access, Xamarin is an easy choice for cross-platform native app development!

Hybrid Multi-platform Mobile Apps

Our framework of choice for hybrid mobile applications is Ionic, based on AngularJS and Sass. A free and open-source framework, app development, deployment, and testing on Ionic is quick and efficient. With access to the vast tools and documentation available for HTML/CSS/Javascript based applications, our hybrid applications are also highly maintainable.

iOS Mobile Apps

iOS development by Aptude consistently provides the fit and fitness of high-quality consistent designed applications in compliance with the feature rich demands of Apple and thier products.   Designed and built for Apple devices, having integration capability to interface with Apple based solutions from iTunes,  iCloud, xCode and much more.

Android Mobile Apps

Android offers great opportunity for enterprise rich applications.  It’s development is scripted in Java and it’s an open source environment allows for easy adaptability.    Furthermore,  it offers a royalty-free packaging allowing your organization to create products across multiple market-places.   Aptude has rich experience in creating Android apps and integrating them with other enterprise custom applications.   Let’s discuss how an Android Solution may be right for your company.

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Aptude provides onsite and offshore Oracle DBA support, which includes troubleshooting, back-up, recovery, migration, upgrades, and daily maintenance of Oracle database servers. Aptude has been working with our team for the past four years and we continue to use them and are satisfied with their work

Warren E., Schneider National

Aptude provided us with Oracle DBA migration support, including an upgrade from Oracle 11.1 to Oracle 11.2, and the project was completed on time and to specifications. The project manager and project consultants were responsive and proactive, resulting in a successful conclusion to the work. I would definitely contract with them again, and have recommended them to other technical offices at the University of Georgia.

David C., University of Georgia