Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

Aptude’s Microsoft-based solution combines reporting, collaboration, and productivity tools to manage your initiatives efficiently

As a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, Aptude has the experience and know-how to implement a cohesive solution by combining Microsoft Project Online, SharePoint Server Online and Microsoft Power BI to create a Project Management and BI Solution framework.

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Solutions Powered By Aptude

Strategic entities need coordination, visibility, clarity, and accountability around the organizations projects. In most cases leadership has a clear understanding of the company’s strategic project’s vision but may lack the clarity, synchronization, trust, collaboration, communication to ensure the projects at the portfolio level are successful.

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Reveal the challenges and unfortunate results of inefficient project management.

  • Project Data is not consistent. Projects are managed in Excel files, documents, and pdfs.
  • There isn’t a common repository for the organizations projects and the data. Projects are stored in DropBox, Desktops, SharePoint Servers, Google Drives, Etc.
  • There isn’t a consistent process of managing projects. Is there a communication plan, risk & mitigation plan, and resource management plan?
  • Confidence in project status is diminished
  • No clear “version of the truth”
    Efforts to create project portfolio reporting are extremely costly, resource intensive and takes an exorbitant amount of time
  • Minimal understanding at the organization level of Resource Capacity
  • Very difficult to perform financial, resource, or other forecasting when the data is not easily accessible for analysis
  • Many organizations have two PM’s on a project (Onshore and Offshore for example). Without a common repository perspective of the projects may not be consistent
  • Because the resources are disparate everyone may not have access to all the file/storage mediums to view aspects of the data or even a summary level of the data
  • Incomplete data leads to bad assumptions, and bad decisions

The Solution (Project Online, SharePoint Online, Power BI) – Powered and Customized by Aptude:

Aptude with nearly two decades of Project Management and application development experience has used the power of Microsoft to combine Microsoft Project Online, SharePoint Server Online and Microsoft Power BI to create a powerful Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution that will get your organization’s Project Management practice organized, collaborative, and cohesive.

Our configuration and implementation of these Microsoft products allow customers to get a holistic view of the organizations projects at the Portfolio/Program as well as at the individual project level. Portfolio and Project detail is tracked and monitored in a myriad of fashions (strategically, schedule, cost, variance, etc.). Documents are stored using SharePoint and shared along with customizable work-flows.

In addition to out of the box reporting, Aptude with its years of Project Management Institutes (PMI’s) based project management experience has enhanced Microsoft’s offering using Power BI and has created valuable decision support reporting and dashboards. Power BI and the Aptude team can further enhance and extend the offering to customize the project solution to meet your organization’s needs.

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Clarify your data with Aptude’s powerful Dashboard Solutions

Aptude with nearly two decades of project management and application development experience has harnessed the capability of Microsoft Power BI and Project Online to create dynamic, insightful dashboards that will provide your program and project managers eye-catching visuals that facilitate improved decision making.

With Microsoft Power BI and our easy-to-understand Dashboards, your organization will gain visibility into the data that often goes unnoticed.

View Samples of our Power BI Dashboards

Aptude has harnessed the capability of Microsoft Power BITM to create powerful Dashboard solutions that will provide eye-catching visuals and facilitate improved decision making.

With Microsoft Power BITM and our easy-to-understand Dashboards, your organization will gain visibility into critical data that often goes unnoticed.

The Benefits of the Project Management and Power BI solution Powered by Aptude:

  • All of the above come with the peace of mind knowing it is managed, secured and powered by a Microsoft Azure cloud
  • Because the project data is centralized the cost to consolidate and report on the data will be reduced
  • Project data will be more accurate and reliable
  • Portfolio and project data will be accessible from anywhere across any device
  • Integration with Office 365 including Outlook, SharePoint, and One-Drive will be easy and additional users of the applications can be ramped up quickly with minimal administration and cost
  • Since the application is built on Microsoft you can trust that support from Aptude, or any other Microsoft partner, will be easily available offering another valuable asset of knowing your system isn’t proprietary based, it is an application available to the world
  • Utilizing the application will help guide your organization in project management best practices
  • There are many Aptude pre-created dashboards which will help will identify project risks, issues, variences and more
  • Project resources can easily be added and linked to Active Directory
  • Resource capacity can be easily identified
  • Workflows can be easily created and shared
  • Project work effort are linked to timesheets built into the system
  • Timesheet and work efforts can be easily integrated into other payroll systems
  • Reporting occurs easily/efficiently and using the strength of Power BI additional analytics can be developed quickly

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Aptude provides onsite and offshore Oracle DBA support, which includes troubleshooting, back-up, recovery, migration, upgrades, and daily maintenance of Oracle database servers. Aptude has been working with our team for the past four years and we continue to use them and are satisfied with their work

Warren E., Schneider National


Aptude provided a Java, MySQL, Webservices and other UI based solution in the business domain of analyzing and reporting on user activities for our ecommerce website. Utilizing Omniture’s APIs to download, parse, and regenerate and upload back so that we could be more effective in our marketing. I was satisfied with their project work and delivery and would consider utilizing them for future projects.”

Dan D.,


Aptude provided us with Oracle DBA migration support, including an upgrade from Oracle 11.1 to Oracle 11.2, and the project was completed on time and to specifications. The project manager and project consultants were responsive and proactive, resulting in a successful conclusion to the work. I would definitely contract with them again, and have recommended them to other technical offices at the University of Georgia.

David C., University of Georgia


Thank you for the hard work your team has put forth to staff the contract positions at Wolters Kluwer. Aptude has consistently scored high in our supplier carding and even more important you are a vendor we can always trust. I am especially impressed with your ability to tackle our positions that other vendors have not been able to fill.

Andrea G., Wolters Kluwer