Taking a Deep Dive into Big Data – It’s a Game Changer

Competitive sports is a big business with big players, big fans and big money. The outcome is all driven by how well a team understands player stats, skills and overall performance ability. Big Data Analytics is one area that has transformed the industry whether professional, amateur or youth sports. Data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies are changing the sports industry in ways we never knew where possible. It is revolutionizing sports by interpreting statistical data and helps process qualitative and quantitative data into easily digestible content.

High-Impact Sports athletes want optimal performance by becoming physically stronger, faster and even leaner in order to help win the game.

Elite players study past performance and even look to other leading players to try to get a competitive edge. So it would only make sense competitive sports would be early adopters of Big Data Analytics and Cloud-Based Software. In the United States youth sports a 17 billion dollar business with major sports organizations utilizing apps, cloud-based software and big data applications to modernize sports with on-field cameras, wearable devices, tracking gadgets embedded into players’ equipment and radar gear that has memory computing for real-time statistics. High schools and college sport coaches are learning more about big data with easier analytical tools available with accessibility to synchronized video, sensors and new ways they can optimize ticket sales, concession stand, sports merchandise by using predictive analytics.

Athletes have access to new impactful agility drills aimed at helping improve motion and skills. Encourages players to change direction and promotes speed, endurance, agility, strength and quickness for better results during the game. Helps athletes to perform at their best, improve flexibility and injury prevention advice. Data analytical software gives coaches access to educational articles on nutrition, high school sports, performance training. Sports articles on varied topics from the physical demands of a competitive sport, academics and how sports have many benefits. Athletes can find and connect with local sports organizations like high school sports, college sports, local sports clubs and professional sports clubs in their geographic area.

Big Data Tools Used in Sports

1st Tool: Analytics Cloud-Based Software

Gives sports teams customized, advanced in-game player information -high school coaches can now use analytics software to electronically watch videos of competitive teams on the field while viewing various games quickly. Big data stats can be funneled into easy digestible reports. Improve and enhance fan experience, target a player’s performance and help sport organizations with the business side of sports from tickets to merchandise sales.

  1. Sports Management Analytics by Tableau – Coaches can streamlines operations, engage fans and build dashboards; create better exercise routines, and interpret workload management data with sports data visualizations such as graphs and charts. Provide better solutions to fix problems or predict outcomes and help adequately prepare athletes with the physical and mental demands of sports. Technical and tactical errors, daily monitoring and identifying load management mistakes with athlete response, rate of perceived exertion, data aggregation all can be easily tracked with machine learning and predictive analytics.
  2. Boom Stats Analysis (BSA): Unique cloud-based, responsive data driven platform. Supports Cricket, Basketball, Football, Rugby, Handball and Lacrosse. Coaches, players and clubs looking to gather match performance data can create a personalized dashboard by uploading game videos and player insights. Captures wellness, fitness data, and record player training in addition to creating customize labels for any event, game, player and team stats.

Helps make improvements to their team even share opponent team stats with key features such as automated video analysis, all team/player actions that can be viewed by player and by team, player synergy, wellness data capture and graphics, fitness data, live match data with graphics. Coaches can now easily download to Excel and the software is an open multisport platform.

  1. SAP Sports One – Sports team management software is a cloud-based solution for soccer, ice hockey, basketball, skiing with cloud deployment, improved collaboration with mobile apps, and integrated platform for all sports data and offers a deeper insight into team dynamics. Analyzes and tracks player talent, with consolidated player profiles with player health and fitness and coaches can monitor player development. The platform has sales performance, marketing data, segment lists, personalized offers, recruiting, team management processes and on boarding
  2. Microsoft Sports Performance – Cloud based analytics customized platform that provides critical information – aggregates and visualizes team and player stats with big data and machine learning. Provides predictive outcome modeling to track and improve athlete and team performance. Customized to track and improve athlete and team so coaches can view trends while combining player’s heart rate, speed, acceleration and deceleration on the field.

Combines data into live dashboards to help shape training regimens for improved recovery and reduce injury. Developed by Power BI, Microsoft Azure, and Surface devices for local broadcast coverage; includes video replay and game highlights with Power BI Solution Gallery.

2nd Tool: Game Scoring Applications

Game scoring applications are a dream come true for players, coaches and youth organizations since it helps little league coaches to collect player statistics, collects game scores and parents can access the data analytics instantly via mobile, live play and view statistics with the feature of live play-by-play action.

  1. Score Stream: Scoring games and sharing memories of past sporting games with family and friends has never been easier. Built specifically for high school and youth sports for txt updates, notifications and has play-by-play commentary, real-time conversations with professional photos that you can send right from your mobile phone.
  2. The Score Text Generator – Designed to send updates to your key contacts by frequently and automatically generating your score update for you. This app has photo filters, customized score overlays and you don’t have to wait to get home to add score enhancements to your photos. Everything can be done immediately and you’re able to publish instantly to social media site.
  3. Score Stream Supports Multiple Sports: This app supports football, basketball, baseball, softball, hockey, soccer, lacrosse, rugby and water polo with more sports added in the near future. Quick scoring options makes it super easy for coaches to track data by collecting score once and then post to Twitter, Facebook by using the scoreboard widget and all done in just a few clicks.

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3rd Tool: Athletic Sports Management Software

  1. Team Sideline: A sports league management solution that offers scheduling, roster management, volunteer management and payment processing that is cloud-based and accessible from mobile devices. Allows sports managers and event planners to manage operations and communicate with players and fans. Coaches and organizers can quickly reach out to team members with the help of text and emails and uses a simple, intuitive interface. Easy to teach staff with help videos and offers system registration and coaches can build web pages for tournaments, post flyers and announcements and build entry forms.
  2. Sports Plus: Features player registration, program management, payment processing, team roster management, staff management, training schedule management, field management, field reservations, document management, communication management and athletic network management. Everything can be accessed in one place and developed for youth sports, sports clubs, leagues, teams, athletes and coaches looking to simplify the large amount of data. Teams create their own website with the free website builder and its designed for people with no coding experience. Create a custom website in just a few clicks with widgets that is customized and easy to use.

4th Tool: Youth Sports Team Management Apps for Leagues, Associations, Coaches and Clubs

  1. Team Snap: View team roster and athlete from track and field, tennis, swimming, cheer, soccer, hockey, baseball, basketball, softball, football and lacrosse. Create schedules and easily sync team calendars, meetings, practice, games and events. Collect payment, send invoice, and receive real-time game updates and video highlights. Manage volunteers, sign-ups, carpools, lineup creation and chat with team or send last minute alerts or txt messages quickly.
  2. Hudl Technique: Record games, practice and training sessions with any digital device. Coaches can create presentations for team review or include video clips to illustrate player improvement. Playlists, single clips and slow motion analysis and player break down technique for instant feedback. View long jump, frame by frame or compare past/present player movements. Email, import video or study baseball swing in close up mode and slow replay.
  3. Coache’s Eye: Video analysis app for coaches to record video on any device, share video analysis with players. Offers slow-motion replay, playback and has meaningful feedback on athletes for immediate improvements. Packages are affordable for teams and organizations at $240 a year. Supports football, fitness, golf, baseball, soccer and field and track.
  4. Endomondo: Tracks player calorie intake, workout and encourages team mates to encourage each other during sessions. It’s a personal trainer app that helps with running, cycling, walking and distance sports and can integrate with a wide range of watches and sensors with comprehensive workout data and heart rate stats.

The Takeaway

The big data analytics revolution is bigger and better than ever before – and it’s transforming, improving and protecting kids, teens and young adult lives. It plays a growing role in anticipating problems way before they occur. One area that data analytics is impacting is young kids and the data that is able to be collected to predict and stop suicide before it happens by analyzing electronic medical records, health visits, social media posts, site visits and then accurately uses predictive analytics. Big Data analytics can improve child welfare by creating new advances in the foster care program by helping to foresee problems and prevent tragic outcomes.

  • Big data and analytics is impacting kids is in sports by helping coaches recruit better athletes and find the next superstar. Sports organizations have a wider range of information on concussions and physicians can now improve treatments for players. Instead of collecting data manually coaches, players and teams can now see more data, new data, and different data and then make better decisions from better training, exercise routines to nutrition and athlete wellbeing to drafting.
  • It’s reshaping the future with wearable technology like Google Glass and fitness trackers. It gives real-time player stats and helps coaches create better game plans, analyze opponent team dynamics with more details on which player is weak. Big Data resources can enhance fan experience and which games have repeat ticket buyers, and even helps fans find parking place to getting to the game hassle-free with traffic analysis.
  • Sporting games – whether football, basketball or baseball produce enormous amounts of data. Advanced machine learning and data mining are changing sports for athletes and the spectators who watch the game. Performance optimization, data analysis, expense/training management is now available with key data to improve experience with mobile, chat and social platforms.

Player statistics and analyzing data are part of the overall fan/player experience and can be examined at a granular level to help identify player position, movement and overall execution by gathering real-time key stats. Today, coaches have access to numerous big data analytic tools such as apps, cloud-based software and platforms to help with them track numerous data.

  • Trainers can build better agility training; even have access to sports nutrition, exercise drills, player activities, tactics, techniques, sports promotion and development. Have access to team and game stats and can now advise on health and lifestyle issues, understand administration better and can develop exercise programs and creating training schedules.
  • Sports Apps are the most affordable for coaches with so much analytics and it’s an easy way to empower teams and players with access to player profile data available on mobile devices.

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