Moving Forward with AI and Machine Learning Innovations

Google has certainly changed how people understand, view and see the world through its simple search engine — and now big data taking center stage through the endless possibilities of learning and changing life as we know it. Google is the most powerful company in the world with artificial intelligence — applying AI to the US health care industry. Google vision is to bring AI to everyone by conducting research and applying AI to products with state-of-the-art advances and developing tools for everyone.

It’s no secret that Google has been trying to get into healthcare and biosciences for a long time and their AI endeavor started several years back on October 2, 2015, when Google shockingly announced a reorganization and was splitting into a collection of companies and wants to focus on AI to transform medical care.

AI is revolutionizing all areas of healthcare such as insurance, electronic health records, disease detection such as cancer, autoimmune in addition to data infrastructure. Aiding in effectively identifying and detecting medical issues by analyzing and reviewing massive amounts of data that would normally be too difficult to diagnose. Delivering tools and assistive technologies that will help doctors diagnose early with accurate medical care.


  • Separated from the internet business to form large-scale projects, through a new umbrella company called Alphabet.
  • Individual tech and science companies fell under Alphabet and stopped Google from conflicting with other divisions and helped to break the cycle of competing amongst themselves.
  • Business units were able to operate independently, more productively and cost-effectively. Alphabet was divided into two main entities Google and Other Bets.
  • Google is considered one of the Big Four technology companies in AI with Elon Musk as one of the investors, in addition to many other tech investors capitalizing on artificial intelligence.
  • In 2018, Google focused on healthcare and robotics, published the Google AI Principles, AI Practices and outlined technical recommendations for implementing AI.

Google purchased the artificial intelligence startup company DeepMind, and would go on to invest $25M in AI research with Alphabet investing in 38 companies and major investments in non-core ventures and research-driven initiatives.

Some of the healthcare companies include DeppMind Health, Calico, Verily, 23andMe, Flatiron, Editas Medicine, IPierian, Foundation, and One Medical with YouTube, Dialog flow, Apigee, DoubleClick, FeedBurner as some of their subsidiaries. The latest merger and acquisition came on February 19, 2019, with big data, cloud migration company called Alooma.

  • Google Brain and the deep learning artificial intelligence research team combines open-ended machine learning research with systems engineering and Google-scale computing resources.
  • It improves people’s lives, makes machines intelligent and solves intelligence resulting outcomes that results in making the world a better place.

Alphabet Inc.

  • Became an American multinational company and AI research group and parent company of Google — acquiring the then-startup highly respected AI firm DeepMind Technologies for $500 million. The new structure was meant to help all its businesses divisions run more efficiently and proficiently.
  • The reorganization began as a pet project of Google co-founder and CEO of the umbrella company Alphabet and Larry Page naming the project Javelin. The purpose was to invest in health and health-related medical research projects.
  • Google was ambitious in investing in ground-breaking exploratory healthcare, without any expectation or near-term results and with the highly specialized division Verily that was focused on disease prevention research.
  • Alphabet would be divided into two main divisions Google and Other Bets. Other Bets would go on to take on moonshot or the R&D unit; including owning several other companies.
  • Alphabet umbrella breakdown are highly specialized groups with separate CEO’s running each entity and they include Calico, Google Health, Google Ventures, Fiber, Google Capital, Nest, Verify and Google (Android, Search, YouTube, Apps, Maps, Ads).

Deep Mind

Mustafa Suleyman the cofounder oversaw the new health initiative for several years with a focus on solving “general intelligence” and a new approach on deep-learning neural networks also known as artificial intelligence. Google’s approach and motivation were on the biggest and brightest minds in AI talent with a heavy concentration on reinforcement learning (RL), deep learning, and machine learning.

The purpose was to reshape the US healthcare industry with structured data and AI. Deep Mind a UK-based company would go on to use advanced, cutting edge neuroscience research where systems act more like humans through trial and error computing.

  • A London-based company that would create a new Google and their extraordinary health unit, AI lab and Google health team. Google would spearhead the biggest and most complex health-related projects in solving artificial general intelligence, focused purely on healthcare and building a team of AI experts.
  • The new subsidiary would now have a far more reach and larger vision — and by joining forces, both companies would create bigger advances and developments in AI healthcare research, by working together with AI bigger breakthroughs were possible and to a wider audience. DeepMind continues to run and perform research separate from Google AI research organization, which focuses on consumer ML-powered development such as Night Sight.

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Deep Learning Technology

DL is the cutting-edge area of AI and is a kind of machine learning where machines are taught a new skill — highly accurate and the machine learns from raw data. Google Brain has a specialized DL team where the team members work on applied AI research.

  • DL uses a collection of simple trainable, mathematical components that are composed of organized layers to solve very complex tasks that result in improving people’s lives.
  • Trains algorithms to highly accurate when given the correct data without giving explicit rules or instructions. The technology aids in speech recognition and image identification and helps in business performance such as adding additional value to customers from availability, convenient delivery, technical support or quality of service.
  • Google started in deep learning with image recognition, sorting millions of internet images. The purpose is for the DL to classify and categorize images and is meant to simulate neural networks found in our own brains.

Machine Learning, Artificial “General” Intelligence (AGI)

ML is a type of artificial intelligence where machines are taught and learn to be smarter through repeating practicing until perfect such as playing simple arcade games. Mobile apps are using machine learning and AI such as the Lookout app, which uses AI to locate objects and recognize text. AI is a broad term that used machines to build non-human intelligence that could successfully perform any intelligent or highly knowledgeable task that a person would normally be able to do.

Google’s Top Innovative Achievements in AI and ML 2018

  1. Expanded AI research presence
  2. Google AI Residency
  3. Applying ML and new research to health
  4. Exploring biosciences
  5. Tensor Flow
  6. Research Cloud
  7. Meta-Learning
  8. Clever Hans and Tensor Flow Privacy
  9. New Triumphs in Algorithms and Theory
  10. Night Sight Realization
  11. Google Lens
  12. Universal Transformer and BERT
  13. Cirq
  14. Quantum Computing
  15. Google Duplex
  16. AI For Social Good

The Takeaway

Google’s aspiration is to help new organizations by publishing the Google AI principles in combination with responsible AI practices that outline technical recommendations for implementing AI successfully. By providing the framework for all of us, it will allow companies to evaluate their own AI development and help organizations use these solid principles. These guiding best practices will help mold new minds in AI with the right ethical principles that will support a positive impact. Google’s intent is to make AI for social good by applying real-world problems with accurate and targeted information for better decision making.

Encourages everyone to use AI for social good with ethical codes in place that pave the way for AI to help people accomplish tasks faster and process tedious jobs quickly, with more effectiveness. Quantum computing helps to solve challenging problems and how it can be used for neural networks.

By Google documenting best practices, the hope is for other companies to use and improve and apply these ethical principles that lead to new advances with more comprehensive information to aid in and drive down misjudgments, misinterpretations and errors. With more research project underway and engineers exploring the impossible, AI will begin to produce results that are superior to those achieved by other means.

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