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You’re an organization that’s trying to compete in an ever-evolving digital market. You deliver applications, services, and key pieces of data to your customers and end-users. But are you doing all of this efficiently? Are you finding yourself back pedaling and fixing a lot of bugs or issues? Most of all, are you trying to deploy a true DevOps ecosystem but are having challenges with key bits and pieces like testing or code validation?

You’re not alone.

A lot of organizations are embracing the concepts of DevOps, but are struggling to really get that engine to fire on all cylinders. Consider this, Gartner recently pointed out that through 2023, 90% of DevOps initiatives will fail to fully meet expectations due to the limitations of leadership approaches, not technical reasons. The value in adopting DevOps practices is vast, but if initiatives are to be successful, organizations must approach them in the right way. “People, not process, are the most common cause of DevOps failures,” George Spafford, research director at Gartner, says. “Many organizations invest in DevOps tools without addressing organizational change and the value they will provide to the larger enterprise.”

Furthermore, Gartner mentioned that in 2018, IT will be increasingly tasked with supporting complex, distributed applications using new technologies that are spread across systems in multiple locations, including on-premises data centers, the public cloud and hosting providers.

A major reason organizations will miss on the full benefits of DevOps is because of a misalignment around the understanding of DevOps and what internal people and developers can actually do. In my InformationWeek article I wrote that DevOps isn’t just two words combined together. DevOps is all of the following:

  • A cultural shift in how processes, code, and technology are delivered.
  • A philosophy around continuous development and integration with users, business, and even market dynamics.
  • A practice that continuously evolves.
  • A tool to help deliver services and applications and market-ready speeds.
  • A process to help companies innovate at a much faster pace than what traditional (or legacy) software tools and infrastructure could offer.

So, if you’re internal teams can’t accomplish all of this, how will you benefit from what DevOps can bring you and your organization?

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This is where outsourcing DevOps can really help.

  • You’re not replacing team members, your augmenting capabilities. I’ve worked with a number of organizations ranging in size and the vertical they impact. I’ve interacted with teams of amazing engineers, architects, IT professionals, and super-talented developers. And, each time an outsourcing organization comes in, they get nervous. Existing developers and IT professionals hold so much knowledge around the organization, respective products and services, and solutions being delivered. Outsourcing partners are here to help boost those solutions and capabilities and enhance what you do already. In so many situations, they are not here to replace your job. In fact, they need you to be successful. And, once they’re done, a knowledge transfer will only make you more successful.
  • Outsourcing allows you to scale quickly and adapt to market changes. Our market changes in a blink of an eye. A new product or service might take off, and if you’re limited in your capabilities to scale, you’ll simply miss out on those opportunities. Outsourcing IT and DevOps changes that paradigm and adds hands and minds into the mix. Outsourcing partners are here to make sure you can scale effectively without losing business or market share. To become a digital native within our economy, you will absolutely need to have a good DevOps partner in your back pocket.
  • A good partner can help evolve team culture and business dynamics. As mentioned earlier, a big falling point for a good DevOps environment really revolves around culture. And, too often, I’ve seen managers push tools and technologies to try and fix this. Unfortunately, tools alone aren’t going to make DevOps possible. An outsourcing partner can help bring culture, best practices, and new design considerations into your entire application delivery and development process. I’ve seen entire teams transformed in how they deliver and validate code when a good partner helps out. This helps enable a more agile development process that reduces errors in code and brings the best applications and services into production.

In the Gartner 2017 Enterprise DevOps Survey, 88% of respondents said team culture was among the top three people-related attributes with the greatest impact on their organization’s ability to scale DevOps. However, organizations overlook the importance of getting their staffs on board with the upcoming change and instead focus efforts on DevOps tools.

“Tools are not the solution to a cultural problem,” says Spafford. An outsourcing partner can help you identify candidates with the right attitude for adopting DevOps practices. Individuals who demonstrate the core values of teamwork, accountability and lifelong learning will be strong DevOps players.

The major point here is your ability to innovate and scale quickly. Outsourcing partners are not here to take your jobs. If you’re a good developer, you’ll be excited to work with an outsourced team that can bring additional capabilities and learning opportunities to you and your business. This is a chance to learn, evolve your organization, and become a lot more competitive.

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