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The New Modern Workplace – Quickly Transform Data, Build Dashboards and Visualization

Our lives are busy with work-life pushing people to do more and deliver more with fewer people, fewer resources and fewer tools to get the job done efficiently. Employees are expected to have financial literacy, think outside the box, be data-savvy and have the knowledge to build reports quickly on day-to-day business operations. For organizations to build business competitive strategies, everyone in the company is forced to adapt to new software instantly and learn quickly.

Teams need to be creative thinkers as well as bring their know-how and A-game to the next corporate meeting. Organizations need to break down silos, continually adding process improvements, reduce time spent in building reports and statistical data if they are going to stay cost-effective and productive. Moving the business landscape into a digital-savvy environment adds a level of growth, innovation and brings a competitive edge to an organization.

The Power BI cloud-based service allows collaboration, sharing, enterprise distribution, dynamic dashboards, and interactive reports. Improve metrics, and creates powerful customized visuals to predictable performance and industry-based analytical scenarios.

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The Power BI ecosystem is a versatile data tool and helps create a positive change, streamline processes and supports continued improvements within the company. Data collection is scalable and gathering all the data in one place can be done at the granular level.

  • Businesses are raising their digital IQ and demanding a BI strategy to stay competitive and having the right technology will create an effective and successful outcome.
  • Organizations are constantly searching for new tools that help them be competitive-and analyzing huge amounts of data quickly, easily and in new simplified ways are key advantages that give businesses the viable edge they need over the competition.
  • However, many organizations don’t have a clear understanding of the right strategy when implementing- Power BI into their business.

In this article, we will debunk the top 5 myths and help businesses to better prepare for their Power BI implementation in 2020.

There are so many myths and personal opinions out there that plague Power BI which ends up causing frustrations, confusion, and misunderstandings within organizations. Power BI has five building blocks: dashboards, apps, reports, datasets, and visualizations.

  • No programming required to quickly summarize findings into a simple report using DAX query language by Microsoft.
  • Analysts can share queries with other users and connect to any data source, utilizing a comparable learning curve to Excel’s built-in formula language. No manual entry time or tedious steps and pulling data from numerous databases into a single report.

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Nearshore IT Services

From ongoing staffing needs to a rich, 24/7 onsite/nearshore model, our Data Science premium support teams are tailored specifically to meet your needs. Hire an IT resource that’s relatively within the same time zone, cost-effective and easier to access than most offshore services.

Since we’re highly proficient Data Mining and Big Data specialists, our Nearshore team can extract the critical knowledge and insights you need from your structured and unstructured data.


Top 5 Myths Explained

Myth 1: Power BI Free Service is all I need to get started

The Power BI Service with Power BI Free is limited to what a user can do. Power BI paid version contains hundreds of templates content data packs with preset reports or the customized advanced features within the paid version.

  • Viewing reports and dashboards are available and live within the Power BI Service.
  • Business users in the free service can only schedule data refresh, dashboards, and data alerts and are typically installed on an individual user machine and best suited for only personal use only.
  • The Power BI Service can be used with a Power BI Free license, the downfall doesn’t allow the user access to features like Analyze In Excel, Power BI Service live connections, and email subscriptions are not available with a Power BI Free license.
  • Visualizations, download reports, create dashboards, persistent report filters, data alerts, publish datasets and publish to web and export to PowerPoint can be done in the Power BI Free Service and In My Workspace.

Power BI Free Service cannot create easy to understand reports using Timeline Storyteller by combining data pulled from various data sources such as Mailchimp software, Google Analytics, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, SAP software, Excel spreadsheets, and Adobe Marketing with customize dashboards that make sense for your team with your industry is only available in the license paid version.

Power BI Free cannot do any queries, dataset, templates or customized visualizations with the Power BI Free license and is recommended for personal use only. The free version doesn’t allow for sharing or collaboration in a Personal BI scenario.

Power BI Desktop for personal use is a free singe use tool that allows users to data cleanse, clean old data, preparation, custom visuals and can publish to Power BI Service. The Power BI Pro plan costs $9.99/per user/per month. Users have 60 days before deciding if they want to purchase the subscription.

Advanced features are available in the licensed version: Build timelines, grids, a sequence of events snapshots and chronological lists are easy to build. Spirals and charts for number crunching-tells an impelling story and using What-ifs parameters for situational scenarios by setting the data type and using a slider bar within the tool for calculated measures of revenue.

Myth 2: The Power BI has all the tools I need and add-in tools are not necessary

This myth is completely false and Power BI would benefit from independent advanced software add-in products that allow troubleshooting DAX queries, improves the readability of DAX, and improves how the natural language Q&A functionality, aids in removing unused data elements, and one tool has an auto-documentation generator.

These community tools are a lifesaver and will help advance the usability of the software by aiding in cutting down process time and brings simplicity to the software. These add-in tools are not supported by Microsoft, some are free, while others are paid products. It’s worth looking into and adding at least a few of these products within Power BI.

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Myth 3: Data Connectivity and Data Preparation Technology are already included in Power BI.

  • Power Query is a Microsoft add-on and does not come as part of the licensed version. Microsoft recommends this add on if business users want to seamlessly access data stored in hundreds of data sources and conform to their business needs. No code user experience needed and easy to use and connects to file types, databases, Microsoft Azure services, and many third-party online services.
  • Third parties can build their data connectors and plug into Power Query with Custom Connectors SDK tool and Power Query Editor.
  • Power Query Editor allows users to manipulate data preparation and can apply more than 300 transformations by previewing data and selecting transformations within the user experience.
  • Power View and Power Pivot are Microsoft add-on that can be effectively used within Excel, users can work with traditional Excel data and incorporate new data sources. Reports and large data sets in Power Pivot can be created in combination with creating visualizations in Power View.
  • Power Pivot gives business users the power to measure analytics that is developed using Microsoft DAX query language, with Excel’s built-in formula language. Excel user building models that reference sheets or using Lookup advanced function can be done easily.

Myth 4: Pulling data from various databases into Power BI takes too much time.

  • Saves Time and Reduced Errors: Reshaping data into a format in Power Query eliminates the time and reduced steps. Filer, sort, and modify data, layout data before loading into Excel. Users can refresh data connections into Excel with super easy and quick condensed step operations.
  • Power BI Desktop and Excel are business analyst tools that work directly with Microsoft cloud Power BI that gives users the power for super-fast publishing into the Web browser for charts, graphs, pie diagrams, line graphs, maps and quickly changes the scenario is easy with refresh capabilities.
  • SQL Server Analysis Services and Databases and other data sources feed directly to Azure Data Service, Dynamics, Office 365 and Partner apps within the Microsoft cloud effortlessly, resulting in better communication, data, and simplicity within data activities. Alleviate time-consuming steps and brings the flow of data into a digestible tool with so much power for better developing and publishing.
  • Mobil Apps create bubble graphs, aster plots, bullet charts, table maps, tadpole grids, tornado line graphs, enhanced scatter, histograms, KPI indicators, dot plots, and bullet charts can be viewed on your mobile device. Cost-effective and easy to learn with data control and updates created in seconds.

Myth 5: Power BI sharing of reports, dashboards, datasets, and visuals within colleagues are difficult

In the past, companies have struggled with sharing reporting with so many limitations, it’s no wonder businesses are under the impression that this activity would create difficulty within teams. This pain point doesn’t exist within Power BI.

Business users can embed live reports on any web page. Basic sharing of dashboard and reports is straightforward, simple to use and has an easy method with a SHARE Button built-in dashboard an report that allows sharing with users very fast with one step click capability.

Dataset, reports, and dashboards can be shared as a content pack, by clicking the Gearbox icon with the Power BI workspace.

What is Power BI Is a term used to identify a suite of software tools that brings all business data into one place from multiple data points. Unrelated data can be pulled into exploratory visualization graphs, charts and a collection of data for interactive outcomes.

  • Meaningful data and discoverable and easy to understand dashboards that can be created quickly, Data is secure and compliant when exported with better self-service tools and automation that enhances collaboration between departments within an organization.
  • Power BI machine learning algorithms deliver and measuring data through qualitative and quantitative feedback whether data is coming from Excel or a collection of external data sources.
  • The negative result is more money spent in the long run-and better-informed data learnings and discussions within the Microsoft BI community is essential to grasp a deep understanding of this incredible data analytics tool.
  • Utilizing streaming technology in the right way is crucial to the success of an organization.

Companies need to find new ways to improve data analysis for better decision making and by plunging into the Power BI world.

  • Building data fact packs and customized solutions are now easy than ever before and to develop a data solution is simple for all types of users within a company.
  • Power BI by Microsoft is a powerful enterprise solutions software tool and data analytics reporting system with drag and drop functionality.
  • According to Microsoft-Power BI Platform-this tool helps organizations analyze data, build impactful solutions, automate processes and business users can create apps to solve business challenges including building virtual agents.
  • Monitoring business landscape and getting answers quickly with highly crafted and detailed graphs, charts and metrics are all the rage in corporate America.
  • Implementing a Power BI strategy roadmap is the answer and the advantages help to measure business performance using data mining and statistics.

Power BI helps businesses run their business better by quickly allowing everyone at every level of the company to see data in a 360-view.

  • Data is associated with shipping, production, accounting, sales, marketing, accounting, customer service, call centers, and financial teams.
  • Employees are bombarded with data analytics from customer profiles, transactions, social engagement, financial, advertising and web traffic to name just a few.

The modern workplace is a busy world and executives are demanding better reporting, many are frustrated by the amount is currently takes to create the elaborate financial dashboards that are needed for accurate decision making.

  • To understand and consume the mounds of data that is overflowing within departments, employees are feeling the pressure and as a result, work extensively and long hours to bring new insights into their business.
  • Raw data is everywhere and since data is the life force of today’s office, organizations must understand their business, industry, and customer.

Executives are feeling overwhelmed and weighed down with data everyday-and using software built a decade ago doesn’t have the power to deliver insights. Developing reports is time-consuming and ineffective.

  • Businesses are jumping on the Power BI bandwagon to stay current, however, there are so many misconceptions online and within organizations regarding what Power BI can and cannot do.

In a recent Power BI article by Arun Ulag, General Manager at Microsoft has confirmed

  • Power BI and Azure Analytics help businesses build a data-driven culture and drive analytics journey for improved business operations.
  • Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools to analyze data and for employees to share insights. Monitor business and get answers quickly with rich dashboards available on every device.

In a new Harvard Business Review Analytics survey 87% of respondents believe analytic proficiency to be a competitive differentiator in their industry. In an October 3, 2019 blog from Microsoft-Using Power BI and Azure Analytics together can provide valuable insights for businesses by delivering an ROI of 271% in just 3 years.

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Business Intelligence Platforms

Power BI is data visualization software tool that combines a full suite of services, mobile apps, and connectors to business build striking dashboards, reports and powerful visuals to help you understand your business, gain better control over your chart data and by bringing all your company’s trends, insights, and other business intelligence in a simple, straightforward way and all in one place. Cross-highlight and cross-filter the related visualizations on a report page and dashboards and reporting data is live, and visuals update automatically.

The Takeaway

In today’s modern workplace, how we work and the way we work is changing than ever before and financial pressures are causing organizations to take drastic actions by beefing up technology and digital tools for improved business operations.

Power BI is a software cloud-based product made up of 5 components – and a term used that applies to a wide range of functions that fall under data mining and business analytics.

  • A data service by Microsoft that is focused on interactive visualizations with a simple interface for all users at any level-allowing the creation of elaborate reports and easy to understand dashboards.
  • Fast results, improved workloads and everybody is looking to gain valuable insight at our jobs.

Breaking down what is fact and what is false misunderstandings will give companies a better view of Power BI technology.

  • Creating comprehensible and charts, tables, diagrams, metrics, and graphs is an everyday activity. Getting is right and building graspable and clear reporting and visuals are essential in today’s world.
  • Business users and now be super users and perform at their very best when analyzing statistical data within the Power BI environment.

Companies are looking to the Power BI to gain increased productivity in addition to wanting greater insights into operations, the exhibition of financial position, cash flow and cost control.

Evaluation of employees, summarization of transactions, analysis of partners and customers, year-over-year performance statistics and analyzing financial data all can be done utilizing Power BI. Having the ability to spot trends and analyze data easier-in addition to wanting better control over reporting that can be produced quickly and from anywhere are top concerns for top executives.

Power BI

  • Finds new ways to analyze and scrutinize in addition to visualizing data holistically into cost-effective strategies and profitable outcomes to gain valuable insight can be done using Power BI reporting.
  • Superior data analytics and data visualization go hand in hand and creating dashboards and tracking metrics in a busy world can bring high ROI and high rewards.
  • Helps organizations gain a competitive edge, simplify operations, and better decision making in real-time with a wide range of tools that can be produced on the fly.
  • Gives business user’s advantages in process improvements with their industry and can develop apps without having to be a developer. All of this can be done using Power BI.

Power BI – Business users can condense all their data spot patterns of past, present and future operations, financial performance and can visualize analytics in dashboards, chart trends and show the business landscape in a more comprehensible and fluid way.

A business analytics service by Microsoft helps companies to gather vast data from multiple databases with a suite of tools and a super-easy interface-bringing together unrelated data sources into digestible charts, graphs, and uncomplicated process metrics.


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