So, do you really know how UX and UI design affects your web application?  If someone asked you — could you explain easily how the two are different? If the answer is no, then we are here to clear up the confusion.

Understanding the differences and the basic design techniques can be impactful from knowing how to build usability, accessibility, discoverability and readability into your web application to the visual communication. Your brand and design style needs to blend effortlessly together, keeping an orderly and tidy appearance. The digital products and app interfaces should have something the user is not expecting.

Styles vary from pure white backdrops to textures, two-tone colors, and patterns. Designers now use grunge, organic elements, retro, photo-realism, illustrations and cartoons.  A well-defined information architecture and well-designed navigation system = great functionality. Click tests are UI-focused and determine functionality by testing the logic behind the design and visualization.

  • Bring to life the web application with unique designs, speed, creative imagery and quality typography that pop off the screen will connect easily with your audience. Once the wire frame is finally complete by the UX designer it will be handed off to the UI team to create a beautiful user interface. The design should be powerful with memorable, meaningful and breathtaking images. Delivering engagement at every touch point to personalization will bring it all together.
  • Use realistic visuals and incorporate the top 5 best UI fonts for your mobile app. Open Sans is best for extended usage and easy reading, Monserrat is geometric style, Playfair Display is best suited for titling and headlines, Roboto has open curves and great for body copy and Promxima Nova is content-centric and best for mobile apps.
  • Clear, concise to the point content through users point of view needs to be top of mind, with visual design second. Approach UX/UI design holistically will ensure a successful outcome. Create a positive online experience for the user — the UX/UI design needs to fit seamlessly together. Both are extremely diverse and how it impacts your application. Buttons, images, visual design, color scheme, typography, page structure and site balance just to name a few.

From the look and feel of a mobile app to the emotional connection your audience receives in the digital space.  An easy to read site that uses an inverted pyramid writing style with super simple design — will deliver good content that’s impactful.  Just the color of a button can double the click-through rate; by changing the button from gray to orange; you get an increase of users staying on your mobile app.

  • Hyperlinks and advertisements, page view, and email are equally important to drive high click rate. Color evokes emotion and a powerful photo connects people on a more personal level. Click-through rate measures the success and the effectiveness of a page.

Designers must build web applications that work intuitively — removing obstacles so the user can accomplish their task effortlessly. If a mobile app is strikingly beautiful, looks great but it’s a challenge to navigate and difficult to use — this translates to great UI design and a poor UX structure.

Learning UX/UI can help your company to be competitive by attracting and gaining more customers — the result is a loyal, long lasting fan base. Building a simple, elegant and functional design helps users to stay on your website longer. They will be able to achieve their task quickly and effortlessly.

The goal is to create the most efficient and effective web application, free from clutter, noise and distraction.  To deliver exactly what the customer wants quickly with minimal steps that is logical to the user. A well crafted application can pay huge dividends and even small changes to the UX/ UI design can boost sales up to 20%. Businesses have less than 8 seconds to make an impression.

Bad Web Application Design

  • Fixed font size — random use of color — social media icons at top of page
  • Not changing the color of the visited links — insecure connection
  • Bad search — poor typography — spacing issues — user has no idea what the business does
  • PDF file for online reading — too much content and imagery
  • Too many buttons creates confusion — invasive advertisements — offensive pop-ups
  • Slow loading — no testimonials or awards listed
  • Blocks of huge boring text — no color contrast
  • Page inconsistency by deviating from your branding and structure
  • Pop-up advertising — long winded text
  • Font size too small — not mobile and reader-friendly
  • Application doesn’t answer user questions
  • Page titles with low search engine visibility
  • Opening multiple browser windows at a time (consumes lots of bandwidth — creates problems on mobile device)

These are just some examples of how a bad design mistake can give the user a negative clunky experience.

Good Web Application Design

  • Easy to understand navigation — consistency throughout site — Delivers moments of happiness
  • Proper use of animation — easy loading — Using bullets and functional reality
  • Good color scheme and imagery that pops — Multimedia content — Speed — Minimalism
  • Clean, crisp grid based layout — simple web structure — Page loads in 2 seconds
  • A visually appealing interface — mobile compatibility — Audience can truly resonate with product
  • A design that is appropriate to the topic or theme — Utilizing headings/subheadings
  • Organized design elements — original content engages users — Clarity — Simplicity

Compelling web stats on UX/UI Design from industry experts – Google, Adobe and Quick Sprout

  • 52% of users said they are less likely to engage with a company after a bad mobile experience
  • 60% consumers feel secure and confident about a brand after consuming content from it
  • 70% of consumers learn about a company through their blog
  • 79% of people who don’t like what they find on one site will go back and search for another site
  • 48% of users feel frustrated and annoyed when a site is poorly optimized for mobile

UX Design Simply put — is how your website functions. In the digital industry it’s referred to as the user experience or the user’s journey to accessing the products or services a company offers. UX is in the beginning of the design cycle.

People go to businesses to solve problems and UX solves the problem. UX design improves customer satisfaction and loyalty through ease of use and incorporating white hat SEO optimized strategies, techniques and tactics that focus on the user.

Keep Moving Forward with Aptude

Aptude is your own personal IT professional services firm. We provide our clients with first class resources in a continuous, cost-containment fashion.

Our support services will free up your senior IT staff from the overwhelming burden of day-to-day maintenance issues. Now they’ll have time to launch those new projects and applications you’ve been waiting for. Simply put, we can free up your resources and contain your costs. Let’s have a quick chat to discuss our exclusive services.


Keep Moving Forward with Aptude

Aptude is your own personal IT professional services firm. We provide our clients with first class resources in a continuous, cost-containment fashion.

Our support services will free up your senior IT staff from the overwhelming burden of day-to-day maintenance issues. Now they’ll have time to launch those new projects and applications you’ve been waiting for. Simply put, we can free up your resources and contain your costs. Let’s have a quick chat to discuss our exclusive services.


UX Design Stats

  • 86% of visitors who want to find information about the company’s products and services easily.
  • 40% of users will stop engaging with a business if the layout is shabby and tacky.
  • 94% of visitors stopped trusting businesses with outdated design.
  • 91% of users want fast mobile speed and will move on if they can navigate quickly — only 9% will stay.

UX designers need humility; putting themselves in the users shoes when they navigate online shopping or the app platform.  Having empathy toward the user and paying attention to his/her cognitive behavior is powerful.

  • Usability process is highly analytical by keeping in mind the user’s psychological behavior — in doing so the user will connect with the product on an emotional level.
  • Focus on optimal functionality, clean look and superior fast navigation. Let’s say, it’s the bells, buttons and whistles of the webpage. When the user receives a positive or negative perception of the brand, product or device it relates to the UX design.

UI Design Makes the website beautiful, esthetically pleasing and connects users at an emotional level. Superior typography, correct color palettes ensures everything will be interactively seamless. Visual communication is key and how the product looks, feel s and functions.  User appeal is critical with a smooth overall look — stunning layout and interactive elements that are all well organized creates success.

UI designers create style guides and presentation templates. High quality aesthetics should be used so the user can quickly and intuitively move through application in a logical, sequential fashion.

Accessibility allows people with disabilities or visual impaired complete access to your web application.

  • Predictability and Ease of Access — gives equal access and equal opportunity to all audiences = better online experience.  Visually impaired users can use text-to-speech capability.  Opens your site to a wider audience.  Bigger font size, accessible colors and high contract mode also helps older audiences to view content easier and feel connected to the business.
  • Top quality visual design — spacing and layout grids play a big part in the overall online experience. Visual information can reach people across languages and platforms. UI grabs the user’s attention and engages the reader. Simple is best with an easy to read writing style. Use of bulleted text works best. Animation and videos adds an increased understanding of the product.

A smooth consistent look across various pages with similar colors and branding ¾ visual hierarchy organizes content to follow the natural eye movement.  Keep it relevant with minimum fuss and a polished feel. UX/UI work in sync; organizes the content, information architecture and showcases the final design.

UI Design Stats

  • 83% say a seamless experience is very important when searching for products.
  • 90% of users stopped using an app due to poor performance or unprofessional look.
  • 73% of people will buy a product or service after watching a video.
  • 95% want big, high-quality images, simple design and easy navigation.

Lay out a strong digital foundation by… 

  • Embrace a digital marketing plan
  • Know the digital consumer — and deliver what they want quickly
  • Know what you want to achieve
  • Deliver instant gratification when constructing online offering
  • Tailor marketing to be user-centric, elective or permission based — deliver real value
  • And always know how your business is doing at all times
  • Remember the more empathy you have toward the user — the better the outcome will be

Takeaway Find the right method, strategy and approach that make sense for your company. Continue to keep your site, mobile app and application fresh with new content, imagery and find new tools and ways to improve. Define your digital marketing strategy and integrate a user centered (UCD) design.

Remember to view the whole process holistically; understand the key traits of the online consumer. Be smart and utilize online influencers and digital experts to help spread the word. Remember a great application = findability. If audiences can find it, then you nailed it.

Don’t forget to test, test, and test everything, including creating mockups and add new research techniques. Continue to enhance the design by performing user engagement, having surveys, interviewing colleagues until the design exceeds user expectation and solves users problem. Have a knowledge base system of lessons learned — and remember to always have fun, enjoy and keep learning.

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