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TMS & TMS Integration

TMS technology helps with the planning and coordination of the many aspects involved in transportation and logistics.

Without one – your organization is operating blind. TMS improves nearly every aspect and process in logistics from carrier and procurement management to supply chain communication and reporting and analytics. Aptude provides a full-service solution approach to make sure all of your systems are communicating with each other efficiently.


Unlock Growth and Development

Ignorance is bliss right? Wrong. If you don’t have a tech expert in your corner who gives you 24/7 365 support with TMS integration, there’s going to be a lot of instances where you’re not maximizing your ROI in any department. Aptude has decades of expertise to properly integrate applications and systems together and provide the support needed along the way.

Investing in technology isn’t always the physical asset involved, but the brainpower needed so you can make the decisions behind the data that is being collected with the tools that are implemented and maintained by a partner like Aptude.

Realize A Single Source of Truth

By combining TMS with other systems like a warehouse management system, it provides insights and data visualizations in one place to better understand and analyze:

  • Shipment tracking
  • Vehicle Routes
  • Vehicle load status for optimization
  • Freight expenses
  • Operational inefficiencies

Reduce Costs and Improve Visibility

Aptude provides the expertise that’s needed so key decision-makers have a leg up on the quick adoption of many emerging technologies without falling behind competitors. Investing in a team with critical systems, software development and project management expertise is a decision that should be made before the business falls behind.

With the pandemic, the push for TMS cloud solutions has also increased. With workers working remote, it’s critical that personnel are not limited in their visibility into the operations of the business because of not physically being on-site. An experienced tech partner will set the business up for success to scale up and be flexible to easily transition toward these integrations and minimize downtime.

According to Market Research Future (MRFR), the global transportation management system market size is anticipated to expand at a 6.7% CAGR from 2017 to 2025 and the North American region is set to dominate the transportation systems market.

TMS allows logistics management to operate effectively and efficiently. It’s a tool that shouldn’t be seen as a luxury, but a necessity.With the adoption of digitalization with connected warehouses and even autonomous last-mile delivery, it only elevates the necessity of a functional and flexible TMS.

TMS integration creates a lot more data points that are critical to the business. Aptude can help you understand the power behind all of your systems and how they can work together. Breaking down those silos will help unlock a lot of key insights into the overall operations. A partner like Aptude can help you transform your shipping data into visualizations and dashboards that can easily be understood and identify key organizational trends. Aptude can unlock your system’s potential with the proper setup and transferring that knowledge over to stakeholders to take action whether it’s to clean up a mess or starting from the ground up.

Logistic Case Study

Dynamic routing and pricing can be a challenge for even the largest of trucking firms. That was the case with one large client of ours: they were doing some things programmatically internally, but it wasn’t efficient, dynamic, or all-encompassing. And with human interaction with the routing, there’s invariably only so many data points that can be addressed in the decision-making process… and humans are biased. They wanted a robust, dynamic, and real time scheduling algorithm that factored in a number of historical data points.

They also wanted to avoid the long delays caused by spending hours or even days to find the record and rules that the scheduler was using and then fix that algorithm. They wanted a programmatic way to speed data processing, improve decision-making quality, and decrease the historical evaluation time.


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